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Optoma HD131Xe Projector - Pros and Cons

Posted on December 16, 2013 by Art Feierman

The images above projected with the Optoma HD131Xe projector, and captured with a Canon 60D camera, are in order, from the new Victoria Secret Fashion Show, Billy Joel, something you see more and more of on Blu-ray discs, Taylor Swift (also from the Vic Fashion Show), and NFL football.

HD131XE Projector - Pros

  • Gandalf - The Hobbit

    Gandalf - The Hobbit

    Very bright projector suitable for less than perfect rooms

  • Almost 1600 lumens calibrated - with Brilliant Color at maximum
  • You can dial down Brilliant Color for a more natural picture, when you don't need maximum lumens
  • 17ms input lag time is excellent for serious gaming
  • Surprisingly good black level performance for an entry level priced 1080p home projector
  • Respectable dark shadow detail
  • Built in 10 watt speaker system is sufficient for most things, (although no substitute for a good surround sound system when watching movies).  Makes taking the projector with you on vacations, a lot easier
  • Very smooth handling slow pans in movies
  • Doubles as a perfectly respectable under 7 pound portable business projector
  • Overall reasonable picture quality for an entry level, cross-over projector
  • 3D capable, just add glasses (not included)
  • Solid value proposition

HD131XE Projector - Cons

  • Color accuracy could be a lot better
  • Does not calibrate well, controls lack enough range
  • Adjusting different modes wipes out User mode settings
  • Batteries are, but (3D) glasses, "not included"
  • 1.2:1 zoom is very limited (but typical for the price)
  • No lens shift - same thing - would be nice, but at this price, not available
  • Remote control's backlight, is actually too bright
  • Manual is on disc, no hard copy (too bad, but good for trees)
  • Too much image noise visible, especially in close-ups of faces
  • No padded carry case included (nice for vacations, essential if used for work)

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