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Optoma HD25-LV Projector - Performance 2

Posted on July 10, 2013 by Art Feierman

HD25-LV Brilliant Color

As we consider this a home entertainment projector, we're concerned about brightness, so for that and other reasons the HD25-LV was calibrated with Brilliant Color engaged at 10.

Effect of Brilliant Color setting on lumen output (Bright mode)

Brilliant Color seColumn Content 1794 lumens
1353 lumens
956 lumens
Mike calibrated the User mode, and came up with the results below.

HD25-LV Color Temp over IRE Range (Post calibration)

User  (Bright mode, before adjustments)
20 IRE 6546
30 IRE 6524
40 IRE 6581
50 IRE 6582
60 IRE 6593
70 IRE 6543
80 IRE 6514
90 IRE 6574
100 IRE 6485
 Average Gamma = 2.19

From a grayscale standpoint, or at least from the numbers, that's all real tight - all measurements within 110 degrees!  Awesome!

However, keep in mind to have a great, accurate picture, it's not just the color temp measurement but how well R, G, and B are correctly in balance within that measurement.

You can have near flawless color with a 6500K reading, or you could have horrible color with the same 6500K measurment if there is far, far too much green.  That's true even though Red and Blue - the two primary colors most involved in the Color Temp measurement, are almost in proper balance.

Comparing Image Modes

As previously stated, most of the modes are very similar except for Photo.  Since there are no User savable settings, and any adjustmment forces any mode to become the new User mode.

So, for the most part, you can have two modes, User - whereever that came for - calibrated or not.  And one other mode.  But that only works if you never touch a single image control in another mode, because, adjust a color, brightness, Brilliant Color, etc., in that other mode, and your existing user mode is completely wiped out.


There's at least one piece of good news here.  Optoma handles 3D separately from 2D.  You can apparently make lots of adjustments to the 3D picture, and that will not affect 2D settings.  Thank your lucky stars for that, because, while 3D color is ok, it too could use some real improvement possible from the color controls.  The last night I worked with the HD25-LV, I finally worked up the never to try to eyeball some improvements in the 3D color, the whole time figuring I'd then probably have to re-input all my 2D settings.  It was a relief that the 2D settings held!

Any projector (there are a number of brands that have done this to end users) that can't save a User mode, has only one User mode, and where changing a setting replaces the existing user mode, wins our derogatory "Rough around the edges" non-award.  That has included projectors from brands like Acer, Optoma, and Viewsonic, although we're pleased to see that Viewsonic's newest projector, their PJD7820HD now has two savable User modes (congrats to them). Hopefully Viewsonic will continue to do so, and not regress. Optoma and Acer however, seem to not worry about the frustration it causes many projector owners.

If I had to put together a "tech bill of rights" for home projectors, multiple, savable user areas would have to be one of the first items. Also on the list would have to be a lamp warranty that is at least 75% of the claimed full power rating.

All considered Try Mike's results (calibration page), you just might like the improvements.  They came out looking good.

But to get the most out of the HD25-LV in terms of color accuracy, you will definitely also have to adjust the CMS - the 6 individual primary and secondary colors:  Red, Green, Blue, Cyan, Yellow, and Magenta.

For the Optoma HD25-LV, Mike did the full calibration.  Our Calibration page provides most of those settings for your convenience.

For those not having their projector calibrated (most people), who are interested in getting the best results possible for the HD25-LV, we will post those settings as well but only for our subscribers.  (We have to eat too!)  That extra calibration information will be live in August, 2013.  This Optoma HD25-LV's CMS numbers will be one of the first added to the new subscriber area.


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