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Optoma HD33 Projector - Physical Tour

Posted on July 11, 2013 by Art Feierman
This Optoma HD33 shares a physical appearance, and overall exterior design, that is similar to other lower cost Optoma home, business and education projectors. Let's see what the 3D capable HD33 offers!

Optoma HD33 Projector - Appearance

Smaller than most home theater projectors, it's a bit larger than average size for the lower cost single chip DLP projectors, but still a tad smaller than most 3LCD projectors and far smaller than any of the larger LCoS projectors (from Sony, JVC, LG, and Mitsubishi).

The mostly recessed lens of the HD33 is mounted well off center (be careful with your mounting calculations). If you are facing the projector it is located far to the right, while the only other front feature, the IR sensor for the HD33 remote control, is located right next to it, just slightly closer to the center. There are two screw thread adjustable front feet located at the far left and right.

The HD33 cabinet is sculpted, sloping upward from the front. To focus the HD33, just rotate the silver trim ring around the lens. To adjust the zoom, use the recessed zoom dial mounted on the top right behind the lens.

That lens is a 1.2:1 manual zoom. That's typical minimal placement flexibility for low cost DLP projectors, but far less than competing 3LCD projectors which typically have lenses sporting anywhere from 1.5:1, to as much as 2.1:1 which is truly great placement flexibility.

Vents are on the left and right. Facing the front of the HD33 the vents on the right are intake, and on the left, exhaust. You won't want to sit too close to the HD33 if on it's on a table to your left. You will definitely get a bit cooked from the exhaust heat.

Moving to the back - you find the input panel. The HD33 is typically endowed for its price range, but that too, is covered below.

HD33 Control Panel

Not much to report here, This Optoma lacks a typical top of the projector control panel. Instead there is only one button and three lights. Make sure you don't lose that remote control.

Actually, those controls consist of exactly: A power button. Right above it are three typical indicator lamps for Power, Temp and Lamp. You can see them on the picture of of the input and connection panel.

HD33 Projector - Input/Output

The HD33 is typically endowed. There are two HDMI 1.4a inputs (one circuit - two jacks, as is typical). In addition, there's also a component video, an analog PC input and composite video input, from left to right.

Next come control features. There's a DIN connector for the included 3D emitter (which offers longer range than DLP-Link), a small mini-USB service port, a 12 volt screen trigger, and finally a serial RS232 for command and control. Pretty standard, very basic, but for the addition of a 12 volt screen trigger.

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