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Optoma HD73 Projector Review - Image Quality-3

Posted on March 20, 2007 by Art Feierman

As you can see above, the HD73 does a very good job of revealing detai in the darkest parts of this scene, notably in the walls on the right and left. The frescos on the wall are vivid, and you can make out the small openings in the wall, although they are not as easily recognizable as on projectors with noticeably better black levels, including the BenQ PE8720, and several of the new 1080p projectors.

Here's another standard pair of images from Lord of the Rings. The first is normally exposed, the second, overexposed to reveal the shadow detail the camera loses.

Optoma HD73 LOTR watchfireLarge
Optoma HD73 LOTR watchfireOverLarge
Optoma HD73 5thElement starshipLarge
Optoma HD73 5thElement starshipoverLarge
Panasonic AX100U 5thElementStarship
Panasonic AX100U 5thElementStarshipOver
HC3000projector 5thElementStarship

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