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Optoma HD8300 Projector - Performance

Posted on July 15, 2013 by Art Feierman
In this section we consider the brightness (including full measurements), sharpness, and image noise of Optoma's 3D capable HD8300 home projector. Also covered on this page,are the physical attributes of light leakage and audible noise of the HD8300.

Optoma HD8300 Brightness

Lumen Output and Color Temp at 100 IRE
Cinema 843 @ 7002
Reference 860 @ 7020
Photo 833 @ 8108
Bright 826 @ 8508 (Using Native color temp increases lumens to 992)
User 753 @ 6960

I'll start off by pointing out that the Optoma HD8300 is very typical in brightness when compared to other projectors in its price range. On the other hand, the HD8300 claims a lot more lumens than some of those other companies claim. That is to say, the HD8300 measured less than 1000 lumens maximum by our usual method of measurement in any of its preset modes. Pushing the envelope (not very watchable), and with lens at wide angle, we came up with 1157, against a claim of 1500 lumens.

Let's focus on the actuals, and how that might work for you.

Those numbers are all "right out of the box", without any adjustments.

Post Calibration: User "best" mode = 757 lumens

That's a good number. About 750 lumens gives you plenty of brightness on larger screens in a darkened environment. A 130 inch diagonal screen is very doable. For lights on, though, the projector doesn't offer a whole lot more. The brightest Mike measured, had a color temp over 10,000K, which means nary a red in sight, plus a strong green push.

It's not a pretty picture, but with 1150 lumens, that's a bit brighter than average in the class.

To get pretty respectable color out of the HD8300, you really will end up with just under 900 lumens. That simply means that when you need more brightness, you can take things up a notch, without sacrificing much in the way of color.

Effect of zoom on lumen output (Bright mode)
Zoom out 963 (Using Native color temp should increase lumens to 1157)
Mid-zoom 826
Zoom in 643

Placement of the HD8300 makes a significant difference in terms of brightness. 

If you mount or place your projector at the closest it can be mounted to fill your screen - almost 11 feet from a 100" screen, you get 50% more brightness then if placed at the other end, about 16 feet back. Keep this in mind, especially if you are planning to enjoy 3D, since brightness is more challenging for 3D.

No surprises above. With a 1.2:1 zoom, we don't expect any significant difference in brightness between wide and tele, and as you can see, the variation is only about 5%.

Color Temp over IRE Range, Best Mode (Pre calibration)
30 IRE 6680
50 IRE 6689
80 IRE 6959
100 IRE 7002

Optoma HD8300 Pre-Calibration Color temp, Cinema Mode:

Mike calibrated the User mode, and came up with these results:

Color Temp over IRE Range - Post calibration: User Mode
20 IRE 6411
30 IRE 6435
40 IRE 6528
50 IRE 6516
60 IRE 6473
70 IRE 6514
80 IRE 6518
90 IRE 6461
100 IRE 6421

Average gamma =     2.24

HD8300 Color Temp over IRE Range - Post calibration: User Mode

Mike's Notes:  Grayscale is very good after calibration, as is gamma.  A CMS is available, but not really necessary as Optoma has thoughtfully provided different color gamuts to choose from (see the enclosed CIE charts).  So, you can get a fairly accurate Rec. 709 color gamut simply by choosing the HDTV color gamut.  Even the default Native color gamut is not as oversaturated as some projectors.  It’s one of the more accurate color gamuts I’ve seen from a DLP, particularly in this price range.  More manufacturers should provide this option.

In 3D mode, you can use either the 3D picture mode or the User mode.  I measured a white area on a 3D Blu-ray with both and got 657 lumens with User mode and 606 lumens with 3D mode.

Below, Relative brightness of each preset mode, and the calibrated User mode: You can identify which modes are which, by the highlighted yellow name in the corner menu.

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