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Optoma MovieTime DV10- Summary

Posted on October 16, 2013 by Art Feierman

Optoma MovieTime DV10- Summary

The MovieTime DV10 is hard not to like. Easy to setup, easy to move to a different location, and image quality comparable to virtually any other entry level projector, and better than many, it should gain a huge following.

The toughest part of the decision is whether to get yourself a MovieTime, or go the tradtional route with a separate projector, sound, and sources.

The MovieTime DV10 home theater projector offers "entry-level" resolution - the same as today's DVD's but lower than HDTV. True resolution is WVGA (854x480 pixels). You get a level of sharpness way beyond traditional TV, and when viewing DVD's one comparable to other entry level projectors and just a tad softer than the higher resolution 1280x720p projectors. (Other DLP projectors with that higher resolution start at $2500 and go to $15,000 or more).

Sound is decent, actually pretty good in small rooms, but I would definitely recommend the small optional subwoofer, which will give your movies that kick that today's special effects call for. Budget tight - start without the sub, and add it later if you figure you need more bass.

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