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Panasonic Connect offers a robust portfolio of projectors engineered to provide exceptional image quality, reliability and ease of installation. Sophisticated software enables content creators to push the boundaries to bring to light their vision and immerse audiences in deeper, more rewarding experiences.

Below we take a look at the latest projector models from Panasonic Connect.

PT-RQ50KU 3-Chip DLP™ SOLID SHINETM 4K Laser Projector

Panasonic has introduced several professional laser projectors which are the lightest and most compact units in their class. For example, the Panasonic PT-RQ50KU is the world’s smallest 50,000-lumen laser, three-chip DLP native 4K projector. It is designed for the most demanding large-venue projection applications and to create an engaging and immersive experience for live events and entertainment. Due to advancements to the PT-RQ50KU’s laser engine and optical drive, it can produce nearly double the brightness from the same compact footprint as the older 27,000-lumen PT-RQ32KU. Its all-in-one body offers workflow advantages such as ease of transport and quick and flexible installation, and adjustment.

Panasonic Connect partnered with Illuminarium, to create 360-degree experiences and created the new ET-D3QW200 short-throw lens which brings new potential to events that are looking for full immersion into content and require outstanding images. This short-throw lens (0.55-0.65:1), which was designed specifically for the PT-RQ50K, allows audiences to approach content without casting a shadow, providing full top-to-bottom screen coverage with zero offset. The Active Focus Optimizer keeps the image sharp while the L-shaped design helps to reduce the amount of installation depth, making it a great option even in small spaces

PT-RQ35KU 3-Chip DLP™ SOLID SHINETM 4K Laser Projector

Panasonic also offers the 30,500-lumen PT-RQ35KU 3-Chip 4K laser projector that is the smallest and lightest form factor projector in its class. The PT-RQ35K 4K (3840 x 2400) offers resolution with Quad Pixel Drive On, while the PT-RZ34K offers WUXGA (1920 x 1200) resolution.

The PT-RQ35KU’s blue and red laser light source is designed to deliver eye-catching visuals in large spaces. The unit’s compact size and light weight makes it easy to install and stack, which can significantly reduce logistics and installation hassles.

PT-RQ35KU 3-Chip DLP™ SOLID SHINETM 4K Laser Projector

The PT-RQ35KU also includes several new features and workflow improvements, including the 'Smart Projector Control' application and Near Field Communication function. These features make it easy to read and change basic setups just by holding a mobile device against the projector’s touchpoint.

Since events can happen across many environments, both indoor and outdoor and at any time of day, the new Remote Preview function makes it possible for users to check the content signal remotely via multi-media control software or a web browser.

AREA15, in Las Vegas, utilizes fourteen of the Panasonic PT-RQ35KU laser projectors for its multi-purpose live event space, and Sardis, a leading events agency used the PT-RQ35KU to create an immersive visual experience for one of their corporate events.

PT-RQ25KU Series 3-Chip DLP™ SOLID SHINETM 4K Laser Projector

PT-RQ25KU Series 3-Chip DLP™ SOLID SHINETM 4K Laser Projector

For those looking for a lightweight and compact high brightness projector to utilize in a large venue or house of worship, check out the new Panasonic PT-RQ25KU 3-Chip DLP 4K Laser Projector. It is the world’s smallest and lightest 20,000lm 3-Chip DLP® 4K laser projector and it also offers over 20,000 hours of maintenance-free reliability.

The PT-RQ25KU Series is 40% smaller and 35% lighter than its predecessor (the PT-RQ22KU) while delivering up to 20,000lm of high brightness at 4K resolution (3840 x 2400), providing razor-sharp, extremely detailed life-like visuals.

With exceptional image quality and significant workflow advantages, simplifying everything from transport and storage to installation and set-up, the PT-RQ25KU Series was created to address the need to deliver a captivatingly immersive experience along with simplified setup and control. Time-saving set-up features include the Smart Projector Control application and Near Field Communication (NFC) function. These features make it easy to read and change basic setups by holding a mobile device against the projector’s touchpoint.

The Remote Preview Lite function checks the content signals from a remote PC via multi-media control software or a web browser, while the preactivated upgrade kits for Geometry Manager Pro automate edge-blending via a camera to enable sophisticated masking functions. 

In addition to these great features, it is Panasonic's first projector to be Intel® Smart Display Module (Intel® SDM) ready, integrating a customer’s preferred interface(s) via compatible third-party modules and optional proprietary terminal boards, such as 12G-SDI, DIGITAL LINK.

The PT-RQ25KU Series is designed for venues hosting ‘live’ events, concerts, and festivals, along with theme park and location-based entertainment attractions. Its compact size and lightweight simplify everything from transport and storage to installation and set-up.

The PT-RQ25KU Series 3-Chip DLP® 4K SOLID SHINETM Laser Projectors will be available November 2022.

*Includes: 20Klm PT-RQ25KU (4K) & PT-RZ24KU (WUXGA) and 16Klm PT-RQ18KU (4K) & PT-RZ17KU (WUXGA)

PT-MZ16K Series 3LCD SOLID SHINE Laser Projectors

PT-MZ16K Series 3LCD SOLID SHINE Laser Projectors

Rounding out the 3LCD laser projector portfolio, the PT-MZ16K Series projectors offer 10,000lm to 16,000lim of brightness delivering ultra-bright and vivid large-screen projection. The compact and lightweight projector supports uncompressed 4K/60p signal input via HDMI® or DIGITAL LINK.  An eco-filter enabling up to 20,000 hours of maintenance-free operation which reduces labor, installation time and maintenance costs.

With whisper-quiet operation, the PT-MZ16K projector is ideal for any education, corporate or house of worship venue. Panasonic offers two additional projectors which are the 13,000lm PT-MZ13K and the 10,000lm PT-MZ10K in this series.

To learn more about the PT-MZ16K, check out our detailed review.


PT-MZ880 3LCD with ET-EL20 UST Lens

The Panasonic PT-MZ880 is an 8000-lumen WXUGA 3LCD laser projector that is compatible with a wide range of optional interchangeable lenses, including the new ET-ELU20 Zero Offset Ultra-Short Throw (UST) Zoom Lens.

To maximize learning and productivity, clear visuals in well-lit rooms with minimal noise are essential. Panasonic PT-MZ880 Series 3LCD SOLID SHINETM projectors are an excellent choice for corporate environments.

This 3LCD projector series delivers bright and colorful images in a compact, lightweight design that is flexible enough to fit in any space. The PT-MZ880 projector’s eco-friendly design enables up to 20,000 hours of maintenance-free operation reducing labor, installation time and overall total cost of ownership. With whisper-quiet operation preventing any audience distraction, the PT-MZ880 Series projectors are also compatible with Panasonic's PressIT Wireless Presentation System for easy plug & play presentation and collaboration with a simple press of a button.

When a presenter is standing in front of the screen, they can cast a shadow if the projector is in front of them. If it is not possible to rear mount the projector behind the screen, a UST lens will allow you to place the projector behind the presenter as well.

The PT-MZ880 Series includes three models to choose from, all featuring WUXGA (1920 x 1200) resolution, 4K signal input via DIGITAL LINK and CEC-ready HDMI® compatibility. The new redesigned cabinet is available in either black or white. The PT-MZ880 provides 8,000lm of brightness, while the PT-MZ780 and PT-MZ680 provides 7,000lm and 6,000lm of brightness respectively.

We reviewed the PT-MZ880 and were highly impressed with the unit because it offers professionals a powerful range of install-focused features and high performance. The ability to utilize an ultra-short throw lens just further enhances the projector’s flexibility. To learn more about the Panasonic PT-MZ880, check out our detailed review here.

MZ Series Ultra-Short Throw Lenses

The ET-ELU20 and ET-EMU100 zero-offset ultra-short throw (UST) zoom lenses have been designed to ensure images are projected in a crisp, clean and unobstructed manner. The ET-ELU20 zero-offset ultra-short throw lens features heat and scratch-resistant glass and offers flexible installation options for use with the PT-MZ880 Series 3LCD SOLID SHINETM laser projectors. The ET-EMU100 zero-offset ultra-short throw lens is designed for use with the PT-MZ16KL Series 3LCD SOLID SHINETM laser projectors.

Both lenses can deliver a 200-inch (16:10) image from ~4.5 feet with zero -offset for immersive LCD projection in tight spaces. During lectures or presentations, these new UST lenses enable presenters to approach the screen with minimal shadows, allowing audiences to easily view the content without distractions, while maintaining a clear view of the projected content. Both lenses offer a throw ratio of 0.330-0.353:1 (WUXGA) and have powered zoom and H/V lens-shift for adjustment flexibility after the projector is installed, saving time and effort.

PT-VMZ71 Series 3LCD Portable Laser WUXGA Projector

PT-VMZ71 Series 3LCD Portable Laser WUXGA Projector

The Panasonic PT-VMZ71 is one of the world’s smallest and lightest 3LCD laser projectors in its class at just 15.87 lbs. The PT-VMZ71 Series replaces the current PT-VMZ60 Series with improved brightness and functionality while retaining the same lightweight and compact body.

With the trend in both business and education for more frequent and smaller meeting rooms and collaboration spaces, it is a good choice for applications where space and portability are required. The PT-VMZ71 series includes four WUXGA and two WXGA resolution models ranging from 5200-7000lm and high 3,000,000:1 contrast, which makes them ideal for environments containing ambient light.

To simplify installation, the PT-VMZ71 is equipped with a 1.6x zoom lens, along with six-point screen correction, which makes it easy to perfectly align the corners of the image to the screen.

Designed for smooth and effective communication, the PT-VMZ71 Series supports 4K input signals, and its HDMI terminals are compatible with CEC command signals so it is easy to use a single remote to control the projector and other compatible AV equipment.  The PT-VMZ71 also includes a wide range of collaboration options, including optional wireless projection and powered USB to easily share a variety of media to the big screen.

To reduce running costs and enhance reliability, the PT-VMZ71 Series features Panasonic’s SOLID SHINETM laser light-source and Eco Filter which does not require replacement for 20,000 hours. Power consumption in NORMAL Mode is also reduced by around 15% compared to certain models in the previous VMZ60 series.

PT-FRQ60 1-Chip DLP™ SOLID SHINETM 4K Laser Projector

PT-FRQ60 1-Chip DLP™ SOLID SHINETM 4K Laser Projector

Meeting the need for ultra-fine detailed resolution, the Panasonic PT-FRQ60 is a new 6000-lumen 1-Chip DLP 4K laser projector that is designed for fixed installations. Due to the rising demand for higher onscreen resolution, Panasonic has added Quad Pixel Drive to its proven 1-Chip DLP® SOLID SHINETM laser projection technology to produce a sharp detailed 4K image. The PT-FRQ60’s ability to reproduce crisp 4K images is ideal for education, corporate, art and museum exhibitions, while also supporting high-speed frame rates with minimal latency – widening the scope for applications such as simulation and Esports, creating an impressive sense of realism with the finest details and textures resulting in smooth, grid-less images.

Its 2.0x optical zoom lens also include a large amount of Vertical/Horizontal Lens-Shift (Vertical: +71 %, -48 % and Horizontal: +34 %, -27 %) making easy to align the projector image to the screen. Lens position adjustments are performed using the joystick on the front panel.

The projector also supports high frame rates, including 1080P @240fps with minimal latency so the projector can be utilized for applications such as simulation and e-sports events.

The PT-FRQ60 is also compatible with optional ET-SWR10 Real-Time Tracking Projection-Mapping System, This Software Development Kit (SDK) enables the projection of animated content onto fast-moving objects at up to 240 fps. The image position is updated continuously to track the object smoothly, making it easy to add lifelike interactivity to your museum exhibit.

The PT-FRQ60U includes two HDMI inputs supporting CEC commands from compatible devices; an easy-to-integrate DIGITAL LINK connection for 4K video and control-signal transmission over long distances. Preactivated Geometry Manager Pro upgrade kits enable sophisticated masking functions and automatic, simultaneous multi-screen calibration, streamlining the most complex edge-blending and projection-mapping installations, while the Remote Preview Lite function allows content to be checked remotely via a PC. Multi Monitoring & Control Software streamlines maintenance and optional Early Warning functions prevent unexpected downtime.  

The PT-FRQ50 1-Chip 4K SOLID SHINETM laser projector offers the same great features as the PT-FRQ60, but at 5,200lm of brightness.

PT-RCQ10 1-Chip DLP™ SOLID SHINETM Laser Projector

PT-RCQ10 1-Chip DLP™ SOLID SHINETM Laser Projector

The Panasonic PT-RCQ10U 1-Chip DLP™ Fixed Installation Laser Projector is capable of delivering 10,000 lumens. This compact 2,715x1,697 resolution projector is designed to provide long-lasting stable brightness making it great for live events and staging. The PT-RCQ10U includes a Smooth Pixel Drive and Rich Color Harmonizer that heightens color-reproduction to produce a realistic, color-rich 2,715x1,697  resolution onscreen image.

Its ability to produce detailed images rich in natural color along with seamless integration, and excellent 24/7 reliability makes the PT-RCQ10U one of Panasonic’s most adaptable 1-Chip DLP™ laser projectors. With highly reliable performance of up to 20,000 hours of maintenance-free operation, it is designed with rental and staging, theme parks, museums, and exhibitions in mind.

Southwestern Oklahoma State University uses the Panasonic PT-RCQ10 in its Esports program for the detailed, sharp, color-rich images that create an immersive environment for both gamers and viewers to feel like they’re active participants in the games.


Due to their performance and feature sets, Panasonic laser projectors are the “go-to choice” for many A/V system integrators, A/V Systems Designers, and IT professionals for applications in houses of worship, live events and entertainment, corporate and higher education applications.

For more information about how Panasonic projectors can help you create better experiences for your customers and employees, visit their Projector Solutions website.

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