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Panasonic PT-AE2000U Projector: Black Levels and Shadow Detail1

Posted on October 17, 2013 by Art Feierman

Panasonic PT-AE2000U home theater projector: Sharpness

Interestingly, while I never got that "razor sharp" feel to the Panasonic, it certainly delivered a clear image, especially when it comes to small type. Last year's PT-AE1000U, using Panasonic's Smooth Screen technology, definitely felt and looked a little soft. Not so the PT-AE2000U, which definitely looks sharper.

The first thumbnail when clicked shows you the closeup of the Panasonic. On the line below three more thumbnail images, which when clicked on, will give you enlarged closeups of (from left to right) the Sanyo, the Optoma HD8000 in the middle and the Mitsubishi HC6000 on the right. That Mitsubishi is the one projector of the group, that does have that "razor sharp" feel, however, the Panasonic is slightly softer than the other three. Remember, though, how small the area of the screen is, that you are looking at. At normal seating distances, the differences are very slight.

HD 80 HD8000

Our last sharpness image is a close-up of this computer monitor from Space Cowboys on Blu-ray. You can click for larger images to compare the readability,

Click on the left thumbnail for a large, cropped version of the original frame on the PT-AE2000U, and the middle for the Sanyo projector. On the right, the Epson Home Cinema 1080.


Bottom line: The Panasonic has improved since last year. This new PT-AE2000U, definitely comes across as sharper than the less than average in sharpness, PT-AE1000U it replaces. Like with my JVC RS1, you can find a sharper projector, but it does what it takes to be fully acceptable, to me, and I'm particularly critical of overall sharpness, as I like to sit relatively close to a large, screen, and also, I have corrected eyesight of 20/15, better than most. So, kudos to Panasonic for improving performance in this area.

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