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Panasonic PT-AE8000 Projector - Performance 4

Posted on July 22, 2013 by Art Feierman

Panasonic PT-AE8000 Sharpness

Panasonic has been using its SmoothScreen technology for years to make the pixel structure invisible unless you are a foot or two from the screen. That does give you a little less jaggedness to some images that can be takens as a touch of softness, but this projector performs very well, sharpness wise. The demo unit has typical pixel misconvergence, yet the Panasonic menus, with their smaller, fine, type look crisp.

Panasonic PT-AE8000 Sharpness

Panasonic PT-AE8000
Sharp XV-Z30000
Runco LS-5
Optoma HD8300

Light Leakage

Excellent, no significant light leaking through the lens, and the vents are about as dark as you will find. Not a complaint here. All home theater projectors should be this clean.


Image Noise

We're still trying to sort out what's acceptable, and good and great (lack of) image noise for 3D projectors, but when it comes to 2D, the PT-AE8000 performs more than well enough. It's been a few years since I've seen anything but very good to great image processing on over $2000 projectors.

That's not to say we don't see issues with dynamic features like CFI, but for normal viewing of 24fps movies, and the usual HDTV and TV content, motion artifacts are minimal.

Speaking of CFI, Panasonic's Mode 1 is one of the smoothest I've seen. That's traditional, they were about the first to add the feature a few years back, and even back then, it was the best at the time.

What I'm saying is you still get a touch of that "live digital video" look on movies, but it's slight. I could live with it on for movies if others asked. I used Modes 1 and 2 for sports. I don't notice much difference, so play with it, if you like CFI for different things, go with it. If not, don't worry, this Panny has plenty of other neat features.

Audible Noise

As they say in Brooklyn, "Forgetaboutit!" This Panasonic is one of the quietest home theater projectors yet. I think I've seen a Mitsubishi or two perhaps slightly quieter, but this projector is quieter at full power, than many are in their lower power Eco-modes. The older PT-AE8000 was about equally quiet.  It doesn't seem louder, despite a brighter lamp than last year's projector, which would make one think more fan noise.

I believe even the most noise adverse enthusiasts will find nothing to complain about, and will, in fact, praise its quietness. Tastefully done!

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