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Panasonic PT-AR100U Home Theater Projector Review

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Panasonic PT-AR100U Projector Highlights

  • 2D projector with exceptional brightness
  • Ready to go, right out of the box, with 8 color mode choices, including Cinema1, REC709, Sports, Games, and Dynamic, to name a few
  • Dynamic iris for improved black level performance
  • Frame Interpolation (but not CFI)
  • Brightest in class
  • Suitable for theater or family room, particularly good for the living – family – other room environment
  • Excellent placement flexibility
  • Zoom lens with wide range, lens shift, for placement flexibilty
  • 2 HDMI
  • One year warranty
  • Street price around $1000 – makes for an excellent price/performance value

Panasonic PT-AR100U Projector Overview

WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: Panasonic PT-AR100U “Projector Reviews TV” Video Summary

Panasonic’s PT-AR100U projector starts off with a huge boost in performance compared to its predecessor, the PT-AX200U. Of equal importance, the resolution is higher as well, with the PT-AR100U being 1080p, not 720p like its predecessor. Like all Panasonic home theater projectors to come before the PT-AR100U, it is a 3 LCD projector. This Panasonic offers a manual zoom lens with plenty of placement flexibility, and lens shift.

The PT-AR100U projector is Panasonic’s answer to what type of projector belongs in a family room, living room, bonus room, when lighting control is less than ideal, and walls and other surfaces are often light colored or white. Basically, the PT-AR100U is designed to work rather well, in most non-caves, including those which would have many of its competitors struggling!

While the 2800 lumen claim assures plenty of brightness, the PT-AR100U is also rather well-endowed feature-wise, for a projector that, at the time of this writing, is being advertised by most authorized dealers right around $999.

With a street price around $999, brightest in class performance, and many other features we are about to discuss, the Panasonic offers both value and performance, and easily earns one of our Hot Product awards.

Again, don’t let the Panasonic projector’s $1999 MSRP fool you and scare you off. Seems that’s now the price you would pay for a PAIR of the PT-AR100U projectors

The projector is finished in a matte white case, that is close to white. It can be set on a table, ceiling mounted, rear shelf mounted, and even used in a rear screen environment (behind the screen). It comes with a nice remote control, on the small side, but with excellent feel.