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Panasonic PT-RW430UK Projector Review

Posted on September 12, 2013 by Mike Cherichetti

Specs Preview

Panasonic PT-RW430UK Specs
Price 5499
Technology DLP
Native Resolution WXGA (1280x800)
Brightness (Manufacturer Claim) 3500
Contrast 20,000:1
Zoom Lens Ratio 2.0:1
Lens Shift Yes
Lamp Life 20,000 hours (LED)
Weight 24.3
Warranty 3 years Parts and Labor on projector, 10,000 hours on lamp


Panasonic’s PT-RW430UK LED/Laser light source, single chip DLP projector is the latest member of Panasonic’s Solid Shine projector series.  The Solid Shine series uses a combination LED/laser light source to achieve high brightness and long life (projected 20,000 hours).  The PT-RW430UK is rated at 3500 lumens and features WXGA (1280 X 800) resolution.  This projector is also optimized for uses like digital signage, where it might be on 24/7.  To that end, there is a special heat pipe cooling system to keep internal components cool (thus extending their life), as well as the ability to use the projector in almost any orientation.  This allows for tall, narrow signage to be displayed.  The PT-RW430UK is designed for a permanent installation.  While not particularly heavy (24.3 lbs.), its size still makes it unlikely to be used as a portable projector, except when placed on a cart.

The PT-RW430UK is very flexible in its control and display capabilities.  In addition to the usual network control and monitoring, video and audio can be fed to the projector over a single cat 5 or 6 LAN cable (utilizing an optional digital interface box).  There is also the ability to use multiple projectors, as the PT-RW430UK has built-in edge blending, as well as brightness and color balancing.

As a possible use of this projector might include medical school training and medical imaging presentations, Panasonic has included a picture mode that conforms to the grayscale requirements of the DICOM standards.  This is routinely used to provide a clearer picture of X-ray images (see details in the Special Features section).  The PT-RW430UK also supports a variety of network control options.  In addition to simple browser-based control, the projector can be set for control via the PJLink, Crestron RoomView and AMX D.D. protocols.  Finally, the PT-RW430UK supports 3D via HDMI 1.4 as well as the PC-based format.  It can utilize DLP Link or synchronization through an optional external emitter.

For those who need higher resolution, Panasonic offers the PT-RW470UK.  The PT-RW470UK is virtually identical to the 430UK, but has 1080P (1920 X 1080) resolution.  Both models are also offered with a white case, designated UW.

Projector Highlights

  • Very good brightness – 3500 lumen rating
  • Digital Link support allows for audio, video and control transmission to the projector over a single LAN cable
  • Virtually maintenance free, with no dust filter and 20,000 hour light source
  • DICOM medical imaging picture mode
  • Universal 3D capability
  • Rec. 709 picture mode for HDTV viewing
  • Multiple projector support for large screen projection and digital signage

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