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Planar 7060 home theater projector: Image Sharpness

Posted on October 17, 2013 by Art Feierman

Planar 7060 home theater projector: Image Sharpness

What a pleasant surprise. In the wonderful world of 720p projectors there are only (in the affordable ranges) a few that are especially sharp, and fewer that are especially sharp, and DLP. The Planar 7060 is one of them. Planar has done an excellent job. I put the 7060 right there with the BenQ PE8720 that I own (and slightly more expensive) as the two sharpest of the DLP projectors (short of spending $10,999 for the Marantz VP-12S4). Other particularly sharp projectors include the Sanyo PLV-Z5, and the Sony HS-51A (HS60 overseas), both LCD projectors. The Epson Pro Cinema 810, my last review, which is also a $2995 projector, I commented on as having good sharpness, however, I viewed the Epson side by side with the Planar 7060, with the same sources being fed. Of the two, the Planar is visibly sharper.

Lower cost DLP projectors, like the Optoma HD70 and HD72, the Mitsubishi HD1000U and HC3000, cannot match the sharpness of the Planar 7060. Only other lower cost DLP projector that might be in the battle would be BenQ's PE7700 which was always pretty sharp, however, that review was done almost 2 years ago, and the only hi-def images used, where from D-Vhs tape, which I don' t use anymore, so I have no direct comparisons. If I had to take a guess, though, my money would be on the Planar. Even InFocus's IN76 did not strike me as exceptionally sharp.

Let's take a look, starting with the closeup of the Computer Monitor image from Space Cowboys (HD-DVD)

Immediately below are two identical images (showing the same frame side by side on the two projectors (Epson on the left). The reason you see two identical pairs, is that if you click on the first pair, you will get a closeup and larger image of the Planer 7060. The second one will also open a window, but with the same closeup of the Epson. As you look at various text on the monitors and other details the difference in sharpness is slight, but visible!

Planar 7060 Planar monitor
Planar 7060 Epson 810 monitor

One of the best comparsion images is this one below from Aeon Flux. Look at the detail in the hair (above her forehead, and straggling hairs on the sides, as well as the sharpness and gleam in her eye. I find this image very telling, with the best of the 1080p projectors really capturing that razor sharp gleam, and the best 720p projectors doing a pretty good job of the same.

Most impressive!

One more Hi-def image - from The Italian Job. The enlarged version is also cropped in. Look for details in the columns, and the sign next to the lampost:

Before we move on to the General Performance section, time to spend a few moments on:

Image Sharpness Slideshow

Image Sharpness

The usual closeup of La Carlota's neckace from Phantom

Image Sharpness

Red Head image from Aeon Flux

Image Sharpness

White image from Aeon Flux

Image Sharpness

Eye image from Aeon Flux

Image Sharpness

Water way from The Italian Job

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