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InFocus announced the release of its LiteShow III™ - Press Release

Comments by Projector Reviews staff: This release of this new device from InFocus is significant because it allows multiple (up to 32) users to wirelessly connect and display data, audio and video at speeds up to 150 Mbps and from distances up to 300 feet.  Also, Smartphone and tablet users can display information on the big screen as easily as they can connect to a wireless hot spot!  Read on for more information from InFocus. PORTLAND, Ore., (October 13, 2010) —InFocus® Corp., a digital display technology leader and visual collaboration champion, today announced the release of the InFocus LiteShow III™ wireless adapter. LiteShow III works seamlessly with any brand of projector, flat panel or other display with a VGA input to quickly and easily share data, audio and video over a secure wireless connections at speeds up to 150 Mbps and with a range of 300 feet. For clean integration in professional AV installations, new models of InFocus projectors have an onboard power connection for LiteShow III that simplifies the installation.  LiteShow III is compatible with the latest operating systems, including Windows 7, Mac, iPhones and Windows Mobile. Now meeting participants can use their smart phone to easily share information on the big screen. “InFocus LiteShow III is wireless connectivity and collaboration on steroids,” said Robert Detwiler, product manager at InFocus. “Presenters can change the dynamics of meetings by enabling everyone, even smart phone and tablet users, to easily connect and display information. With LiteShow III, wirelessly connecting your notebook or smart phone to a display is as easy as connecting to a wireless hotspot.” Easy, Secure and Flexible Collaboration New collaboration features allow a room full of computers or wireless devices to connect to a single display. Four screens can be shown simultaneously.  LiteShow III can be used in three secure configurations: Wireless display only Wireless display and internet connection Wireless display, internet and secure network access When a projector or other display with LiteShow III is connected to a network, computers on the network can connect to the LiteShow III enabled display to share visual information just like sending documents to a network printer. In addition, meeting guests can collaborate immediately by using the LiteShow III USB drive to easily make a direct wireless connection to the display without installing software. Wirelessly Display High-Quality HD Video Videos are a huge part of knowledge sharing in today’s business and education environments, however sharing them wirelessly has been hindered by interruptions or choppy playback. LiteShow III provides fast on-board video decoding, which does the heavy-lifting instead of the presenter’s computer.  This produces fast and clean display of HD video and audio regardless of connection speed or the computer’s processing power. Pricing & Availability The InFocus LiteShow III wireless adapter is available now for $299.00

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