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Optoma Introduces ZX210ST and ZW210ST Projectors - Press Release

Optoma ZX210ST projector

Comments by Projector Reviews staff: We have received a ZX210ST review unit here.  Mike will be picking it up and putting it through its paces for a full review and Art will  then include it  in this year's Classroom Projector Report coming out in April.  So read on  for information from Optoma and STAY TUNED for our review, coming soon! P R E S S   R E L E A S E Optoma Introduces New Line of Lamp Free Projectors New EcoBright Lamp-Free, Maintenance-Free Projectors Create A Windfall For “Power Users” FREMONT, Calif. | March 7, 2012 | Once again flexing its future-now engineering expertise, Optoma, the best-selling brand of DLP projectors in the Americas, has introduced its all-new EcoBright line of lamp-free, maintenance-free projectors. Intended to meet the growing demand for increased reliability and low cost of ownership, both the EcoBright ZW210ST (WXGA resolution) and EcoBright ZX210ST (XGA resolution) embrace the new Solid State Illumination (SSI) technology that delivers increased life while eliminating the need for expensive replacement parts and service. The EcoBright ZW210ST will carry a cost of $1,499, while the EcoBright ZX210ST will sell for $1,399. Both projectors have a classroom-friendly short throw design. Designed for heavy use in the most demanding environments, typically classrooms and boardrooms, the EcoBright ZW210ST and the EcoBright ZX210ST employ Optoma’s SSI technology that incorporates both LEDs and lasers to deliver high-lumen output and vibrant color reproduction, while reducing power consumption and waste. Both new Optoma short throw projectors deliver 2000 LED lumen brightness with a contrast ratio of 80,000:1. LED lumen brightness is not perceived the same as lamp-based brightness. LED displays a wider color palette, and LED-projected images produce vivid colors which often seem brighter. “Optoma has led the charge in lamp-free projection, and the EcoBright line represents Optoma’s fifth generation using lamp-free technologies,” said Jon Grodem, Optoma’s senior director of product and marketing, “We believe that the advantages are state-of-the-art performance, energy efficiency and unparalleled reliability, which make this the future of projection. And we’re proud to be leading the way.” With Optoma’s SSI technology, users will experience no light degradation over the lifespan, so colors remain constant over the entire life of the projector. According to Grodem, the company’s experience and research resulted in the decision to use a hybrid engine for this line, using two LEDs and one laser. “We determined that this architecture delivered the best combination of light output, power efficiency, color gamut, color consistency, and overall reliability.” In addition to the consistent performance of the light source, an upgraded warranty of 3-year on projector/10,000-hour on light source warranty reassures that each projector will perform without maintenance and without compromise. With cost of ownership in mind, the lamp-free design saves time and money in lamp, filter and maintenance costs Projector lamps are routinely replaced every two or three years, either due to breakage, reduced light output or burning out. Optoma’s new SSI light engine eliminates the need for replacement lamps, which reduces the manpower needed for maintenance, as well. And because the SSI technology uses 30-40% less energy to begin with, cost savings are realized at every turn. New electronics and the lamp-free design facilitate instant on/instant off for added convenience, and the low heat output eliminates the need for cooling fans, which in turn reduces power consumption. To top off the savings, Optoma plans to launch a new Optoma EcoTrade Program that offers customers the opportunity to receive fair market value for their projectors when they purchase a new EcoBright ZX210ST or EcoBright ZW210ST. Optoma’s new EcoBright projectors incorporate Texas Instruments’ DLP technology and deliver the ultimate convenience of projecting whenever, wherever and how customers want while offering features usually found on more expensive projectors: MS Office Viewer software is preinstalled and supports direct-playback of movies, photos and Office files from the projectors’ 2GB of internal memory, through the USB port, or via an SD card slot that supports up to 32GB of memory expansion. Both projectors also provide inputs to satisfy any infrastructure need, including HDMI, VGA-in, VGA-out, mini-USB for display, USB for wireless connectivity, RS-232 and RJ45 ports for remote management through a larger network, S-video, composite video, audio in, audio out, and the already mentioned SD card slot. For more information on Optoma’s new EcoBright projectors or on all Optoma products, go to or call 888-289-6786. Links to Images:

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