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Sanyo Bundles Software with WL-2503 Classroom Projector - Press Release

Comments by Projector Reviews staff: Here's some exciting news from Sanyo!  They are now bundling educational software with their WL-2503 short-throw classroom projector, making it an even better value! SANYO AND eINSTRUCTION ANNOUNCE PROJECTOR AND SOFTWARE PRODUCT BUNDLES THAT CREATE AN INTERACTIVE TEACHING SOLUTION FOR CLASSROOMS - Bundles combine SANYO interactive ultra short throw projector with industry-leading interactive educational software programs from eInstruction - eInstruction programs support both Mac and Windows platforms and include Workspace™, Workspace Content Gallery™ and a sampler Exam View™ Learning Series - PLC-WL2503 interactive ultra short-throw projector features WXGA resolution and 2500 Lumens brightness - PLC-WL2503SE bundle includes projector and software - PLC-WL2503SE2 bundle includes projector and software, adding a Premier Mounts EST150 wall mount CHATSWORTH, CA.—November 3, 2011 – SANYO North America Corporation (SANYO), a subsidiary of SANYO Electric Co., Ltd., one of the world’s largest manufacturers of LCD and DLP projectors, announced today the introduction of two unique hardware and software bundles for classrooms that combine a SANYO interactive projector with educational software from industry leader eInstruction and an optional premium wall mount from Premier Mounts. Providing a single economical educational solution, the combination of hardware and software brings interactive functionality to any classroom. The SANYO PLC-WL2503 ultra short-throw LCD projector enables instructors to add handwritten text and graphics to projected images in real time, regardless of the surface on which the image is projected. Included with the projector is an interactive assessment software package created by industry-leader eInstruction, which includes Workspace™, the Workspace Content Gallery™, and Workspace Language Packs to support uses of the software in more than 40 languages. The package also comes with assessment item samples from the Exam View™ Learning Series, which works seamlessly with the Workspace™ software. The software operates in both the Windows and Mac computer environments, providing educators with tools for the creation and presentation of lesson materials, as well as for subsequent student evaluation and testing. The PLC-WL2503SE projector with software bundle has an MSRP of $1,995.00, and the PLC-WL2503SE2 bundle, which adds a Premier Mounts EST150 wall mount, has an MSRP of $2,195.00. The eInstruction Mobi mobile interactive handheld whiteboard, CPS student response systems, and the full version of ExamView™ Learning Series software, which is aligned to state standards, also work seamlessly with the PLC-WL2503SE2 projector and Workspace software. These technologies can be purchased separately to create a complete interactive digital solution. "We created this unique hardware and software solution in partnership with eInstruction to address the needs of today’s schools to utilize the latest educational technology, even in today’s economic environment where budgets are being stretched and even reduced,” stated Sam Malik, Vice President and General Manager of the Presentation Technologies Group in SANYO North America’s Digital Solutions Division. “This single solution provides schools with the ability to immediately upgrade to interactivity in any classroom, enabling the use of the very latest technology and most advanced teaching tools, at an affordable cost.” “We are excited to extend our longtime partnership with SANYO with this innovative bundle that provides a lower cost alternative to traditional fixed interactive whiteboards,” Valorie Loomer, Vice President of Strategic Accounts for eInstruction said.”Many customers have expressed excitement in being able to pair eInstruction hardware and software with the SANYO interactive projector. eInstruction continually commits to supporting customer choice and flexibility in hardware investments, and we are pleased to offer our award-winning interactive and assessment software with or without eInstruction-branded hardware solutions.” SANYO PLC-WL2503 Projector The PLC-WL2503 wide XGA 3 LCD projector offers full interactive functionality on any screen, wall, blackboard or whiteboard surface. With 2500 Lumens of brightness, visibility is ensured even in lighted classrooms, and through its ultra short-throw design can create a full 80 inch diagonal image from a distance of only 34 inches. At this short mounting distance, instructors can work next to the screen without casting shadows or having to avoid the projector light beam. Its Wide XGA 16:10 aspect ratio has 1280x800 resolution, enabling presentation of HD resolution images, with easy interface through an HDMI input. Maintenance cost and time are minimized through advanced SANYO filter technology that enables the projector to operate up to 4,000 hours before requiring a lamp or filter replacement. Lamp replacement is simple, with access through a top panel access door. SANYO’s exclusive PJ Network interface provides remote access to controls, as well as operational status reports. Two sets of audio inputs are provided for audio playback from a built-in high-output speaker with a 10 watt amplifier. For simple operation, the projector powers on as soon as the power cord is connected to AC power, and powers down when unplugged. The projector is covered by a three year parts and labor warranty. eInstruction Software eInstruction’s Workspace™ is an award-winning software program that enables instructors to create and assemble lesson content in advance, which they can then annotate during interactive presentation in the classroom. With various resources and teaching tools, the program provides teachers the ability to annotate over the desktop, annotate and save files in native Microsoft Word applications, and record and playback interactive lessons. The software can also be easily used with any other teaching materials derived from a variety of sources and formats that include web-based content and third-party curricula. The Workspace Gallery™ is eInstruction’s content database, which manages text and graphic information, sound files and animations. The database is pre-loaded with lessons and interactive simulations encompassing a wide scope of material organized into directories that include language, math, science, social studies and more. Workspace Gallery™ also enables instructors to create unique galleries for materials of their own creation. The Exam View™ ExamView® Learning Series is a collection of unique, high-quality questions specifically aligned to more than 40 states' standards, Common Core State Standards and curriculum topics. Learning Series works in concert with ExamView® Assessment Suite—the industry's leading classroom assessment tool—to produce study guides, worksheets and formative assessments. Learning Series questions can be used to help instructors simulate questions commonly found on states' high-stakes tests, and to supplement standards-based instruction. For bundle purchase inquires, please email Premier Mounts EST150 Wall Mount The optional PLC-WL2503SE2 bundle includes a projector mount in addition to the projector and eInstruction software. The Premier Mounts EST150 projector mount is a short-throw mount that attaches to a single wall stud and enables placement of the projector up to 30 inches from the wall. The projector mounting arm conceals both power and signal cabling, and the projector mounting bracket provides full range of motion for the projector. About SANYO SANYO Electric Co., Ltd., a member of the Panasonic Group, is a global company with leading energy and environmental technology and products for commercial and consumer use. Digital Solutions, a division of SANYO North America Corporation (a subsidiary of SANYO Electric Co., Ltd.), is based in Chatsworth, California, and is a service and sales division that markets digital projectors, mobile electronics, and music products. For further information, please visit SANYO’s web site at Source: SANYO North America Corp.

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