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Sony Unveils New VPL-GT100 Projector - Press Release

Sony VPL-GT100 projector

Comments by Projector Reviews staff: The Sony VPL-GT100 projector  has great breeding.  This commercial 4K projector from Sony, is built on the same platform as their VPL-VW1000ES Home Theater Projector.  Art reviewed the home "version", loves it and gave the VW1000ES our Outstanding Product of the Year award, earlier this year.    The VPL-GT100 looks to be an ideal solution when there can be no compromise in both resolution and color accuracy.  With 2000 lumens, this projector is ideal for a wide range of critical applications, from studio applications, screening rooms, super-hi resolution scientific and rendering applications.   Wherever WUXGA or 1080p is merely adequate, this 4K projector gives you four times the pixel count, and therefore can provide the same relative sharpness at half the viewing distance.   We look forward to reviewing the VPL-GT100 from a commercial perspective.  The VPL-GT100 will begin shipping this month (January 2013).
P R E S S   R E L E A S E SONY UNVEILS NEW COMPACT PROFESSIONAL 4K PROJECTOR Versatile VPL-GT100 Delivers Native 4K Resolution for Simulation, Industrial, Visualization and Entertainment Applications PARK RIDGE, N.J., Nov. 27, 2012 – Sony’s line-up of professional 4K technologies now includes a new compact 4K projector. The VPL-GT100 model delivers the same ultra high 4K resolution (4096 x 2160, or 8.8 megapixels) of its larger counterparts used in movie theaters and commercial applications, with a new form factor for easier installation in simulation (flight simulators and virtual training), industrial design (manufacturing, automotive design), scientific visualization, 4K content viewing, entertainment (amusement parks, planetariums and museums) and a range of government uses, including command and control and more. Sony VPL-GT100 professional 4K projector “Commercial projection and display applications require next-generation technology to create enhanced realism for the ultimate visual and training experience,” said Sander Phipps, senior product manager, professional projectors, at Sony Electronics. “This new model builds on Sony’s pioneering innovation in 4K projection to deliver a solution that fits an array of professional needs.” The VPL-GT100 projector is based on the same SXRD 4K design as its award-winning home theater counterpart, model VPL-VW1000ES. The VPL-GT100 professional 4K SXRD projector’s compact (44-pound, 1.5 oz) design is achieved through the combination of an optical engine that uses a small format, 0.74-inch SXRD panel and a highly integrated circuit. The projector’s compact design allows integrators to create a projection field with high-density resolution in a reduced system size, which was difficult to accomplish with conventional projectors. For added installation flexibility, users can install the projector in either portrait or landscape mode, with no effect on lamp performance. Using two DisplayPort inputs (2048 x 2160/60P x 2), the projector can show content at up to 4K/60P with 2000 lumens color light output. The projector’s native 4K SXRD panels produce outstanding native device contrast, reproducing deep blacks by improving the flatness level of the pixel surface. When combined with Sony’s Advanced Iris3 technology, this projector can achieve a 1,000,000:1 dynamic contrast. The VPL-GT100 offers a wider-than-normal color space to project the full color information provided by the professional DCI color specification and the Adobe RGB color space. Sony’s Dark Frame Insertion technology enhances realism and reduces visible smear, and the projector uses a new image processing technology to provide minimal transport delay. The VPL-GT100 is planned to be available in January 2013, with pricing available upon request. Sony will exhibit the VPL-GT100 for the first time at the I/ITSEC 2012 show (Dec. 3 to 6, 2012 in Orlando. Visit Sony at I/ITSEC booth #1949 or go to

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