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Pro Cinema 4030 - Warranty and Support

Posted on November 19, 2013 by Art Feierman

Epson Provides Three Years of Warranty and Replacement Program


The Epson warranty and support provided with the Pro Cinema 4030 projector is excellent.  It's about as good as it gets, at least shy of buying really high end projectors where you buy a service contract and get personal service.

Three years parts and labor is a great start.  Most other under $3000 projectors have one or two year warranties.  Even Epson's similar Home Cinema line comes with two years parts and labor.

What sets Epson apart, though is their support, in the form of their replacement program which you also get for all three years.

That takes the stress out of any warranty problem that might arrive.  For all three years, if there is a warranty issue, you call Epson, (you get right through to a level 1 tech), tell them your tale of woe.  They get info, your credit card (I'll get back to that in a moment), and ship you out a replacement from their pool of refurbished and sometimes new projectors.  More than once  I've heard from people that told me that Epson actually replaced their old projector with a newer model in the same series.  Sweet.

Meantime your replacement projector arrives, usually the second business day, so you replace your old one, toss it in the box the replacement came in, and ship it back to Epson.  Epson pays all the freight.

Overall Epson has a great rep in both commercial and home market segments, but they are the only player in their range of home projectors with a multi-year replacement program!


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