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Class: Premium Priced 1080p Home Theater Projectors: $3500 – $10,000-3

Outstanding Product of the Year

We are still seeking out the 2012 Outstanding Product of the Year.  We don’t have one every year.  And, for that matter, it’s not always a stand alone projector.  One year it was a fully integrated home theater system – Epson Ensemble HD, another year it was the first consumer Wireless HDMI device…

This year it looks like it might be a much higher end projector, I’m thinking of a couple in particular we still haven’t reviewed yet.  We have two major league, $20K+ projectors due in over the next three months, one of which very well could be the winner.  Being one of the most expensive projectors isn’t necessarily a qualifier.  The choice doesn’t have to be the “very best,” it simply must be outstanding, and that could even be an entry level projector that’s an outstanding value, or perhaps a 3D capable projector that might actually be bright, when watching 3D on a 110″ screen, or it might just be something that doesn’t even end up in a home theater.

I’ve been pretty impressed with 3rd party ATT signal booster, which once installed, took my home from being a place where I dropped a lot of calls every day, to one where I rarely lose a call.  (If I didn’t have to replace it with one that’s 4LTE when that service hits our neighborhood, I’d probably be seriously considering it).  Still, it is most likely that this year’s winner will be a projector, or at least something to do with projectors – for the home, or for business.  This is definitely not an award restricted to the home side of life.  One year, the award was an interactive projector for school.

So, stay tuned.  You never can tell what will win this award.

When one is selected, it will be added here, as well as a feature listed on our site homepage of course.