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Home Theater Projector Report: JVC DLA-X75R: 2013 Best In Class Runner Up!

Posted on November 6, 2013 by Art Feierman

Best In Class Runner Up Award (Tie): JVC DLA-X75R Projector

The Epson Home Cinema 3010 projector earns a Best in Class award!

Consider the DLA-X75R and X95R, and their Pro division twins, to all be the same projector, with the 95R just using the best components.  That does count for something, as does the extra $4000 price.  You can ask:  "Is the X95R worth the extra?"  Our answer is, if you've got the the money, it's a modest improvement. Only you can determine if it's worth the price difference. Most, naturally will go with the DLA-X75R version.  Because we believe that the price difference is too great, the award only goes to the DLA-X75R, not the 95R as well. Of course if you are spending a $100,000+ for a fancy, cool, home theater, then sure, definitely drop the extra $4000.

The DLA-X75R and X95R offer the best black level performance around, with the X95R technically a touch better.  I could argue the VPL-VW1000ES, but as it's two to three times the price, let's not debate dynamic iris vs. no dyanmic iris differences. The VW95ES comes very close, closer than anything else I've seen, but the JVC still matches it on dark scenes, and in brighter scenes is definitely better at blacks.

The X75R is a direct decendant of my RS20, and in many ways still seems similar.  I like the look and feel of these two JVC projectors, favoring only the Runcos and the two Sonys in this price class.

I like JVC's e-Shift2, as a dynamic detail enhancement tool.  I hate they claim 4K.  E-Shift2 gives these projectors a slightly artifical detail enhancement, but at glance you might think you were watching a single chip DLP, a very good thing.

I can't help but like these JVCs.  Remember I only worked with the X95R, but have had a previous "pair" like these two in previous years.  If I wasn't big on larger screens and a lot of 3D, this could easily be my next projector (except I'll probably hold out for 4K).

Brightness is competitive with upper six hundred calibrated lumens a little below some others in the class.  There's about an extra 100 lumens at its brightest.  That level of brightness is also common with DLP projectors in this price range, even if the Sony competition is a little brighter.

There's almost nothing to pick on, other than 3D brightness.  JVC even comes with my favorite projector remote control.  I have yet to have any serious complaint about the JVC's I've owned.  They make fine projectors, with great feature sets.

I do wish that the DLA-X75R version, however, came with a three year warranty, like the X95R's and most top competitors.

Clean, good feature set, unmatched when it comes to really dark scenes, smooth, no obvious image flaws, to mar viewing with either the DLA-X75R or the DLA-X95R.  The DLP's in the price range are mostly either by comparison, a bit rough around the edges, or rather pricey relative to features.  That these JVC's tie with the other LCoS projector should be surprising.  Enjoy!

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