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2024 Outdoor & Portable Projector Buyer’s Guide - Screens

Posted on November 8, 2022 by Zachary Zanger

The screen you choose for your outdoor home theater can be just as important as the projector.

Outdoor screen on a deck

Finally, let’s wrap up by talking about screens. Sure, you can pretty much point any projector at a blank white wall or sheet, but you will get better results with a screen. A wall or sheet isn’t as smooth as you might think, and an ultra-smooth projection screen will help eliminate these imperfections and improve the image quality. In addition to choosing a projector with enough brightness to combat any surrounding ambient light, you can also invest in a projector screens with a special coating that helps reduce the impact of ambient light which can ruin your content. These screens are frequently referred to as ALR – Ambient Light Rejecting screens.

Yard Master 2 Series (Ranging from $149-$557, Depending on Size)

Elite Screens Yard-Master2
Elite Screens Yard Master 2 is an excellent choice for your outdoor home theater

The Yard Master 2 is a fast folding-frame outdoor projection screen. Its light-weight aluminum frame allows it to be set up in minutes. Simply, unfold the frame; attach the material and legs, then project. The Yard Master 2 is the perfect companion for outdoor presentations and it available in several sizes ranging from 58” up to 135”.

  • 100-inch Outdoor Indoor Projector Screen 16:9
  • CineWhite® UHD-B tensioned matte white front projection material
  • Optional WraithVeil material available for rear projection applications
  • Black masking borders enhance picture contrast
  • Compatible with: Standard throw, Short throw, Ultra-short throw projectors

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Vivohome 14 Ft Inflatable Movie Projector Screen ($149)

Vivohome Inflatable Screen
Vivohome Inflatable Screen is meant for the outdoors

This inflatable movie screen is made of high quality, durable 210D Oxford cloth; Features a seam-free, theater-quality viewing area and quick blower that ensures the screen stays expanded without distracting from the fun; Long-lasting weather-resistant material allows long time indoor or outdoor use.

  • Easy to set up and take down and secure in the wind
  • Quiet internal blower can inflate the movie screen in minutes and keeps it inflated throughout the show
  • Product Dimensions: 10.7ft x 3.9ft x 8.4ft
  • Movie Screen Dimensions: 8.5ft x 4.8ft

Note: The biggest benefit of a blow-up screen is the ability to create a BIG screen that can be stored in a compact package when not in use. A big drawback to a blow-up screen is keeping it adequately inflated to create a taunt screen that delivers a non-distorted image. To keep it taunt, the blower must continuously run, which takes power and reduces portability options.

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Elite Screens Pop Up Cinema Series ($75-$120, Depending on Size)

Elite Screens Pop-Up Cinema Screen Series

Elite Screens Pop-Up Cinema Series

The ELITE Pop-Up Cinema Series is a portable spring-framed fast folding projection screen for instant setup for outdoor or indoor environments. The lightweight spring metal construction allows the material to “pop-up” instantly while supporting the SilkWhite material and its black-mesh border. The SilkWhite projection material is a synthetic fabric designed for the rigors of outdoor use while also doubling as an exceptional projection surface for indoor presentations as well.

  • Available in the following diagonal sizes: 84″ and 92″ in 16:9 format
  • Accommodates both standard and short throw projectors
  • Lightweight & flat design is traveler friendly
  • 32” diameter carrying case holds all components
  • Built to withstand light wind conditions
  • Nylon spring-loaded frame system unfolds effortlessly
  • Assembles in seconds with no tools required
  • Stakes, net base, and support rods included for added stability

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