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CEDIA 2017 JVC Booth - New From JVC

Posted on September 14, 2017 By Phil Jones

JVC had a rather impressive booth at CEDIA 2017. Like several other projector and screen manufacturers we saw, they managed to turn their booth into a completely darkened theater. The theater consisted of two rooms – one with a fantastically large screen displaying the JVC RS4500, their flagship true 4K projector, and the other projecting HDR video from the RS640.

The RS4500, being true 4K, looked magnificent, of course. That projector is priced at $35,000, so no surprises that it’s so impressive. Black levels were astounding, and the sharpness of the picture was crisp. The footage captured from that room does not do the RS4500 justice, even when shot in 4K. The RS640 was also quite impressive, with its HDR capabilities producing vibrant color – that’s the second video clip seen at the end of this video.

In this video, Art Feierman discusses what’s new from JVC. This CEDIA, JVC didn’t come out with any new projectors, but rather, upgrades from their previous versions. These upgrades have enhanced the image processing as well as other aspects – watch the full video to find out which projectors received upgrades, and the areas in which they were enhanced.

CEDIA 2017 was held in San Diego, California, from September 7-9. This year, there was a remarkable amount of manufacturers and distributors that participated. With products ranging from home theater seating, home theater projectors, speakers and projector screens, to automated TV mounts, artistic projector screen and TV covers, and smart products for the home, CEDIA 2017 had something for everyone.

We will continue to publish videos and articles from the expo over the next several weeks, hopefully introducing you to products that will enhance your home theater experience. Look out for that content, as you are sure to find something that sparks your interest, and possibly, something that may even be perfect for your set up!

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