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CEDIA 2018 – Digital Projection INSIGHT LASER 8K Video

Posted on September 11, 2018 By Phil Jones

CEDIA 2018 saw the unveiling and demonstration of many an impressive projector, and perhaps the most notable of such projectors is Digital Projection’s INSIGHT LASER 8K. The INSIGHT LASER 8K is intended for commercial use in areas such as simulation and visualization projects, museums, and elite entertainment venues, for applications that require the highest resolution available.

This impressive DLP projector from Digital Projection uses six panels to get to the 8K standard, which is new and ever-evolving. The INSIGHT LASER 8K’s DLP technology consists of 3 x 1.38” DarkChip™ DMD™ and Digital Projection’s ColorMax™ technology, giving the projector brilliant color accuracy and deep black levels – something you will see evidence of in our video below.

The Digital Projection INSIGHT LASER 8K is, as its name would suggest, a projector with a solid-state laser light engine. It boasts a wall-melting 25,000 lumens – quite obviously, this is enough to blow any ambient light out of the water and maintain excellent brightness on a massive screen. The projector will be shipping in Q3 of this year, 2018.

Check out our video of the Digital Projection INSIGHT LASER 8K in action, with video taken from the live demonstration at CEDIA 2018. The video was filmed by Art Feierman on his iPhone X in 4K – our video, however, was rendered at 1080p.

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Digital Projection INSIGHT LASER 8K Specs

PriceAvailable Upon Request on DP Website
Light EngineLaser
Light Engine Life20,000 Hours
TechnologyDLP Technology
Resolution8K Resolution
Lumens25,000 Lumens
Special FeaturesLamp Free, 8K, Projector Controller Software, Smear Reduction Technology, 3 x 1.38" DarkChip™ DMD™, MultiAxis = Portrait & Landscape Capable


This video was created as an inside look into CEDIA 2018, featuring the Digital Projection Booth. It was shot by Art Feierman, featuring the man himself, and edited by Nikki Kahl.

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