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Color Brightness Video Summary

Posted on September 22, 2012 By Phil Jones

Color Brightness: An Important New Metric for Projectors

Color brightness, or color light output, is a new standard that will really help you choose the best projector. This metric looks at color, as well as the traditional white, when measuring brightness. In this video, it is our goal to explain a bit of what the new standard is, and to provide a real demonstration that shows the significant differences between two projectors that are fairly similar in terms of "white" lumens, but where one projector measures far higher on color lumens.

The differences, and how they translate into how good color looks on these projectors, is rather striking, and enlightening. Technically, the CLO method doesn't favor any one technology type (3LCD, DLP, LCoS...) over the others, but it does show that design techniques that those technologies may choose to incorporate, may cause significant changes in color performance while having little effect on whites. For example, two DLP projectors otherwise very similar, but having very different color wheel designs, will show significant differences in CLO measurements, and also very significant differences when viewing the same content rich in color. Live and learn!


This video was directed and scripted by Lisa Feierman, and features Art Feierman, editor of

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