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Epson Announces Home Cinema 2100 and 2150

Posted on August 23, 2017 By Phil Jones

Epson has just announced their new replacements for the 2040 and 2045 - the Home Cinema 2100 and 2150. These are two fairly similar projectors, here to replace some of Epson’s most popular models.

Both fall under $1000 and have some exciting features not typical of projectors at this price point. The Home Cinema 2100 and Home Cinema 2150 are sure to be a hit amongst home theater lovers on a budget. And - the projectors are bright enough to handle a modest amount of ambient light.

Art stopped by the Epson Headquarters in Long Beach, CA for a product presentation of these models. Explore the new Home Cinema 2100 and 2150 with Art as a representative from Epson speaks on their specifications and exciting features. Enjoy the video!

Video Editor’s Note

You can see in the video that, though the lights are dim, there is still a modest amount of ambient light present. There is a slight amount of post-production lighting correction on the video. This dilutes the color slightly, making the blue look a little washed out. In the raw footage, the blue seen on the screen would be considered a vibrant, royal blue. This footage was taken from a Facebook Live video and, as such, is of standard definition.


From the Editor: This video was created an announcement of Epson's new Home Cinema 2100 and 2150 projectors. It was edited and produced by Nikki Kahl and features Art Feierman, editor of

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