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Epson Home Cinema 5020UB Projector Video Summary

Posted on December 14, 2012 By Phil Jones

Projector Reviews TV presents the Epson Home Cinema 5020UB Projector from on Vimeo.

Epson Home Cinema 5020UB Projector

When the Home Cinema 5020UB was the object of a full-length review, it received our Hot Product Award.The full review goes into all the details but here are a few basics:


Epson Home Cinema 5020 Projector Highlights

  • 2D and 3D capable with best in class brightness for both 2D and 3D
  • THX mode for excellent color, right out of the box
  • Great black level performance - as has been the case with each of it's previous 4 generations
  • Rated 2400 lumens (and comes very close) making it very bright for a home projector targeted first for a dedicated home theater, but just as happy in a family room
  • Excellent placement flexibility thanks to a 2.1:1 zoom and lots of vertical and horizontal
  • Long life lamp, reasonably priced
  • 3D glasses are RF - radio frequency - they stay in sync when you look away - and the new ones are very lightweight
  • Super-Resolution - a dynamic detail enhancement feature
  • Excellent price/performance value

Basic Specs for Epson Home Cinema 5020

  • HC5020 UB MAP: $2599 including 2 pair 3D glasses
  • Native Resolution: 1080p (1920x1080)
  • Brightness: Manufacturer claim: 2400 lumens, 2178 measured max, 602 lumens, post calibration in "best" mode
  • Contrast: 320,000:1
  • Zoom Lens ratio: 2:1 manual zoom
  • Lens shift: Horizontal and Vertical (manual)
  • Lamp life: 4000 hours at full power, 5000 hours in eco mode - Lamp replacement cost: $299 (at list price)
  • Weight: 19.2 lbs. (8.7 Kg)
  • Warranty: 2 Year Parts and Labor, 2 year replacement program

View full specifications here: Epson Home Cinema 5020



From the Editor: This video was created as a summary of the original, full-length review of the Epson Home Cinema 5020UB that was posted in October of 2012. It was directed and scripted by Lisa Feierman, and features Art Feierman, editor of



Videos that are part of the Projector Reviews TV channel are created by Projector Reviews Inc. If we review a projector and it wins one of our awards, it becomes elligible for a video summary. Of course, we can only do a limited number of these videos. In some cases, we will choose a projector review to do a video of. In other cases, a request may come from the manufacturer. As we do with the rest of the content on our website, we offer manufacturers Permissions. With these paid Permissions, manufacturers can post these videos on their own websites, pass them out to their dealers, and use them for other promotional purposes including trade shows and point-of-sale displays in retail stores.

These videos are very short versions of the full review. In just a few minutes worth of video we can't begin to capture all the information in the review, so we call this a video summary.

If this video is positive and enthusiastic about the projector, is simply because the review itself was positive and enthusiastic. We try to make the videos more fun, a bit less dry, with far less technical detail. Enjoy, but also visit the full review for more depth, even the settings that work best. Thanks! -art

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