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LG CineBeam HU70LA Smart LED Projector Review Video

Posted on February 13, 2020 By Phil Jones

The LG HU70LA is a smart LED projector for the home. It is intended to serve as a replacement for your TV, so it includes many of the features that consumers expect in a flat panel TV such as a built-in TV tuner and apps like Netflix, Hulu, and even Disney+. Priced under $2,000, this LG is an excellent value for an LED projector – add to that its smart capabilities and performance, and you’ve got yourself a steal-of-a-deal for just $1,799.99.

This 4K UHD resolution projector sports a nicely bright 1,500 lumens, which plenty to fill a 100” screen in a dedicated home theater or media room with good lighting control. You can also use this guy in your living room or family room, but it is not a bright room projector – make sure you can dim the lights and draw the shades to block out light, or pair with an ALR screen.

LG has been making Smart TVs for years, and they’ve used this knowledge in building their smart projectors. This makes them lightyears ahead of other manufacturers who are just getting in the game. The LG CineBeam line of projectors (like this HU70LA) are some of the most capable projectors on the market when it comes to smart TV and voice control capabilities.

With the HU70LA, you get integrated Google Assistant. Using the remote control’s built-in microphone, you can control the projector with various voice commands. You can also control third party products from the remote, such as the lights in your theater or media room, and your door lock.

In addition to the TV Tuner and apps, the LG HU70LA can access LG’s long-established app store which is loaded with a massive amount of entertainment apps. Other awesome features of this LG include wireless connectivity and playback, a built-in media player, screensharing capabilities for Android and iOS devices using LG’s TV Plus app as well as Miracast, and HDR.

This DLP projector has that DLP “look and feel.” In his review, Phil Jones rates the out of the box picture quality as Very Good, with no major issues when it comes to color accuracy, and multiple modes to choose from. Black level performance is a cut-above entry level. That is – pretty good for the price and just what we would expect from sub-$2000 4K UHD DLP projectors.

If you’re looking for a projector to replace your smart TV or 1080p home entertainment projector, this might be right up your alley. Thanks for watching our video of the LG HU70LA projector. Check out the projector’s specs below, and if you want more information, check out the full online review:

LG CineBeam HU70LA Smart LED Projector Review

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  • $1799.99 List Price (Currently $1,549.99 on LG Website)
  • 4K UHD Resolution (3840 x 2160)
  • 1,500 Lumens
  • DLP Technology
  • LED Light Engine (30,000 Hours)
  • Contrast 150,000:1
  • Zoom Lens Ratio: 1.25:1
  • Light-Weight at 7.1lb
  • Integrated Google Assistant for Voice Control of Projector + 3rd Party Products
  • Built-in TV Tuner + Apps (Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, LG App Store)
  • Wireless Connectivity/Playback
  • Built-in Media Player
  • Screenmirroring of Android and iOS Devices
  • 1-year Parts & Labor Warranty

From The Editor

This video was created as a brief overview of the LG CineBeam HU70LA projector. It was recorded and edited by Nikki Z, one of the reviewers and content creator for Projector Reviews.

If this video is positive and enthusiastic about the projector, is simply because the review itself was positive and enthusiastic. We try to make the videos more fun, a bit less dry, with far less technical detail. Enjoy, but also visit the full review for more depth, even the settings that work best. Thanks! - Art

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