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NEC PX1005QL 4K Commercial Projector at Infocomm 2018

Posted on August 20, 2018 By Phil Jones

The NEC PX1005QL is a native 4K projector for commercial applications. This 10,000 lumen projector is ideal for boardrooms and conference rooms where video meetings are held, as it offers high brightness for those wide windows and an awesome feature for meetings. The PX1005QL can project four 1080p images on the screen at once, allowing for four video conference calls at a time.

This projector is also suitable for large venue environments such as auditoriums, lecture halls, and houses of worship. That 10,000 lumen claim is bright enough to project a large image with vibrant color, even in the face of ambient light. The last commercial-grade NEC projector we reviewed had rather excellent color and about half the brightness of the PX1005QL, and we considered that to be of such great value that it won an award in our 2018-2019 Best in Classroom Education Projectors Report.

It is a laser-based projector, so it has a light engine life of up to 20,000 hours, making it lower maintenance than its lamp-based counterparts. The NEC PX1005QL has motorized functions such as powered zoom and focus, and has interchangeable lens options for greater placement flexibility. The projector has Edge Blending capabilities, which allows for multiple units to project a seamless image when positioned side by side.

The NEC PX1005QL was unveiled at Infocomm 2018. Enjoy the video!

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NEC PX1005QL Specs

Price$30,000 List Price
Light EngineLaser
Light Engine Life20,000 Hours
TechnologyDLP Technology
Resolution4K Resolution
Lumens10,000 Lumens
Special FeaturesEdge Blending, Stacking, Portrait Mode, Motorized Lens, Crestron RoomView, Lens Shift, Interchangeable Lenses


This video was created as an inside look into Infocomm 2018, featuring the NEC booth. It was shot by Art Feierman, featuring the man himself, and edited by Nikki Kahl.

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