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Optoma UHD65 Video - 4K UHD Home Theater Projector At A Glance

Posted on October 16, 2017 By Phil Jones

The Optoma UHD65 and its little brother, the UHD60, are two home theater projectors that boast 4KUHD resolution. They are able to get that 8.3 million megapixels by the grace of the new Texas Instruments DLP chip, with its 2716 x 1528 x2 resolution. These guys are pixel shifters, but they’ve got 50% more pixels than the best-of-the-best 1080p pixel shifters.

Art felt the projectors were missing some key features, but liked the Optoma UHD65 all the same. In this video, Art Feierman covers the basics of the Optoma UHD65 (and UHD60, as they are essentially the same), providing his insights along the way. Both Optomas took home an award in this year’s Best Home Theater Projectors Report, with the UHD65 taking the Best in Class: Value Award in the $2000-$3500 Class.

The Optoma UHD65 video features photos of the projector in action, as well as video clips from “Ultimate Wave Tahiti” by Stephen Low Productions. The photos from The Hunger Games look sharp, and the video clips give a little taste of what the projector can do – it’s visibly sharper than the 1080p pixel shifters we’ve reviewed. Check it out to see if this award-winning projector is right for you, and, if it’s a possible contender – check out its review.

You’re going to come across a lot of options when searching for your next home theater projector. How do you choose? We understand that the sheer amount of possibilities can be overwhelming, which is why we’re putting out these short videos. These short projector videos are here to serve as a brief overview of each projector, so that you can get an idea of the projectors’ specs, special features, hardware, etc., and decide quickly about whether it’s worth your time to read its review. If the projector doesn’t have what you’re looking for, why bother?

Optoma UHD65 Highlights

  • Accepts 4K content with HDR
  • 2200 lumens
  • Nicely quiet (-28 db at full power)
  • 2716×1528 pixel DLP chip (with pixel shifting) provides higher resolution than 1080p pixel shifting projectors
  • Pixel shifting allows each pixel to fire twice, for 8.3 million pixels meeting the 4K UHD standard (which doesn’t specify how large each pixel can be)
  • 1.6:1 zoom lens and modest lens shift for good placement flexibility
  • RGBRGB Color wheel
  • A pair of 4 watt speakers for more portable use, some streaming
  • Multiple HDR settings
  • Creative Frame Interpolation (CFI) for smooth motion
  • Uses lamp dimming to improve black level performance
  • MHL on one of the HDMI ports, for working with mobile devices, streaming sticks


From the Editor: This video was created as a brief overview of the Optoma UHD65 (and UHD60) projector. It was edited and produced by Nikki Kahl and features Art Feierman, editor of

Videos that are part of the Projector Reviews TV channel are created by Projector Reviews Inc. If we review a projector and it wins one of our awards, it becomes eligible for a video summary. Of course, we can only do a limited number of these videos. In some cases, we will choose a projector review to do a video of. In other cases, a request may come from the manufacturer. As we do with the rest of the content on our website, we offer manufacturers Permissions.

With these paid Permissions, manufacturers can post these videos on their own websites, pass them out to their dealers, and use them for other promotional purposes including trade shows and point-of-sale displays in retail stores. These videos are very short versions of the full review. In just a few minutes worth of video we can’t begin to capture all the information in the review, so we call this a video summary.

If this video is positive and enthusiastic about the projector, is simply because the review itself was positive and enthusiastic. We try to make the videos more fun, a bit less dry, with far less technical detail. Enjoy, but also visit the full review for more depth, even the settings that work best. Thanks! -art

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