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Ricoh PJ WX4310N - Performance

Posted on October 4, 2013 by Eric Pfoutz


Please Note: As more information becomes available on measureing brightness for ultra short throw projectors such as the Ricoh PJ WX4310N, we will update this page.

Measuring brightness levels is rather difficult with ultra short throw projectors because the lens is so close to the screen. Also, the light shines upward. This upward shining of the light creates a large differentiation between the light that hits the bottom of the screen and the light at the top. Typical projectors that project from the front also have difference in distance from the center of the lens to the outer edges, but the differences are much smaller and often not considered when running our lumen tests. We do however try to make note of uniformity when it seems the image is noticeably brighter or darker around the edges as opposed to the center of the screen. With all that said, it means measuring the brightness of the PJ WX4310N was tricky and might be inaccurate, but based on the way in which it was measured and a little creativity, our best guess is given based on the lumen meter readings.

The measurements are based on what color mode the projector was in, and what brightness level was used. In this case we used two brightness modes that are present in the projector. They are Standard Brightness  Modewhich is great for conserving lamp life since it does dim brightness a bit, and Bright Mode In Standard Brightness Mode with color correction set the Ricoh measured in at 2376 lumens. In Bright Mode with no color correction it measured a very bright 2574 lumens. Standard brightness and with a color correction setting of Whiteboard, the projector measured in 1940 lumens. Bright mode, with the same color correction measured in at 2138. Standard Beige Mode produced 1663 lumens while its bright setting put out 2059 lumens. Standard Gray Mode produced 1980 lumens and for some reason upping the brightness in this mode produced the same results. The final mode which was Standard Blackboard Mode produced 1782 lumens and the bright version of this setting produced 2217 lumens. Although these results are questionable, my experience of viewing 2500 lumen projectors seems to show that the results I saw on the screen were in line with what I would expect from a 2500 lumen projector. It performed exceptionally well with the lights on and with a large window open near the screen. Bottomline, brightness should be no issue with this projector in a conference room or even a fairly large college amphitheatre like classroom environment where the audience might be 60 feet or more from the screen.

Audible Noise

Although the Ricoh PJ WX4310N is rated to be a bit louder than your typical projector it, still was quiet enough to not be a distraction. Standard mode was rated by the manufacturer to be 38 dB. The economy mode was rated at 32 dB. I found both levels to be quiet enough for any environment and certainly would not distract from your presentation.

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