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Samsung The Freestyle Portable LED Projector Review - Summary

Posted on February 3, 2023 by Phil Jones
Samsung Freestyle Portable Led Projector - Projector Reviews - Image

With a retail price of $799, the Freestyle is more expensive than most competitive smart portable projectors. For that price, you can but a good smart projector that is noticeable brighter. However, this projector's unique form factor, good picture quality, seamlessly integrated smart features, and innovative optional accessories make it worth the money. These reasons are why we gave the Samsung Freestyle our Best-in-Class award.

The Freestyle Socket Adapter - Projector Reviews - Image
The Freestyle Socket Adapter

The projector’s quick, precise auto keystone correction and focus make setup a breeze. The Freestyle even includes a Smart Calibration feature. When used with a compatible Samsung device, this feature will automatically adjust the projector based on wall color and lighting conditions to try to optimize the viewing experience in your space. 

Due to Freestyle’s large amount of streaming apps and the ability to cast content from a mobile device, unless you are a gamer, most users will never feel the need to connect an external source to the unit’s micro HDMI input.

Samsung Freestyle Portable Led Projector - Projector Reviews - Image

Samsung Freestyle projector includes Ambient mode. This feature displays decorative content or wallpapers when not viewing TV and movies. It's meant to provide a more visually appealing and functional experience when the projector is idle. The Freestyle also includes a translucent lens cap so it can be utilized as a mood light. There are several looping animated scenes, atmospheric content, and lighting effects built in. You even choose a photo on your mobile device or Samsung Cloud as wallpaper.

We have reviewed several excellent portable projectors, including the LG PF510Q ($599 SRP) and the XGIMI Halo+ ($849 SRP), that were brighter. But, the LG PF510Q does not offer a battery option and the XGIMI Halo+ user interface isn't as well thought out. Also, due to its form factor and accessories, it is easier to use the Freestyle in unique ways. For example, the swiveling 180-degree mount simplifies aiming the projector at the ceiling.

Samsung Freestyle Portable Led Projector - Projector Reviews - Image

Samsung also offers some interesting accessories for the Freestyle. Most notable is the Freestyle Battery Base which offer 3 hours of playback and the Freestyle Socket which lets you power the Freestyle using a standard lightbulb socket .

While I have projection systems in my media room and office, I have always wanted to utilize a projector in my master bedroom. The room is large, so the flat-panel TV on the wall in the front of the room looks tiny when lying in bed. 

The Freestyle is one of the few portable projectors that includes all the streaming apps I utilized daily, including Hulu and Netflix. Its unique form factor made it easy to position on the nightstand beside my bed. This meant I could point the Freestyle at the ceiling above my bed to watch movies and all my favorite TV shows in the evening.

Samsung Freestyle Portable Led Projector - Projector Reviews - Image
The 180 degree base makes it easy to aim the image at any flat surface including the ceiling

I knew that Samsung’s plan to appeal to nontraditional projector customers was successful when I showed my wife and kids the Freestyle setup in the bedroom. My teenage daughter, who has never been excited about projectors, liked the Freestyle so much that she hijacked my review sample for her room and ask me for a unit for Christmas. I will probably also buy the review sample to set up permanently in my master bedroom, since my wife really liked it too.

Samsung Freestyle Portable Led Projectors - Projector Reviews - Image
Customize the look of your projector using one of the Optional Freestyle Skins

Overall, I was very impressed by Freestyle’s performance. If you are looking for a compact smart portable projector, the Samsung Freestyle should be at the top of your list.


  • 1080P Resolution
  • LED light source
  • 20,000-hour LED light source lifespan
  • Color Reproduction better than most portable projectors
  • Quick precise auto keytstone correction and focus simiplfies setup
  • Samsung Smart TV platform (Tizen)
  • Includes huge amount of streaming app including Netflix
  • HDR compatibility
  • Portability
  • Integrated 5-watt speaker
  • Lots on optonal accessories including a battery base


  • Pricy compared to other smart portable projectors
  • More brightness would be beneficial
  • Lacks a full size HDMI connection

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