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Post Calibration: Sanyo PLV-Z4000

Posted on October 18, 2013 by Art Feierman

Living mode - Quick Cal:

Mike worked on improving the color slightly, while still trying to get out about the maximum lumens. That resulted in a measured 596 lumens with white - 100 IRE measuring 7180K. Personally, I favor grabbing the extra 275 lumens of Dynamic, which is definitely cooler (more blue) measuring about 8300K up from almost 7200K.

For Pure Cinema (Creative Cinema with the dynamic features turned off, basically), post calibration numbers are excellent:

Color Temp over IRE Range (Post calibration):
20 IRE 6151
30 IRE 6432
40 IRE 6551
50 IRE 6551
60 IRE 6588
70 IRE 6530
80 IRE 6576
90 IRE 6475
100 IRE 6571

Mike notes:  Greyscale is very flat from 30 to 90 IRE.  Delta E grayscale error averages 1.4 which is very good performance (lees than 3 is good).

Gamma set to -1 averaged 2.2 which is exactly the target.

Note: A calibrated Living mode, is our "best" choice for most HDTV and sports viewing, when lighting conditions do not call for every last lumen. The image is better than Dynamic mode. That said, the Z4000's dynamic mode looks a lot better than the old Z3000's, and isn't far behind Living mode, in color terms. You will get about a 40% boost in lumens going from Living, to Dynamic.

The other dynamic features, such as Auto Black Stretch, Dynamic Gamma, and Contrast Enhancement, have little effect on the brightness measurements, although they definitely impact the overall image.

PLV-Z4000 Color Tempurature Measurements (default) for Pure Cinema mode

Color Temp over IRE Range, Best Mode = Pure Cinema, Out of the Box:
30 IRE 7012
50 IRE 7350
80 IRE 7159
100 IRE 6980

Definitely a little "cool" - shift to blue, but not bad

Effect of Zoom Lens Positioning on Brightness

As you could compute from numbers found above, setting the projector to full wide angle on the zoom lens (so the projector is as close as it can get to a given sized screen), increases brightness about 15.5%, while moving the projector back - to use full telephoto, drops the brightness (compared to the mid-point placement), by roughly 23%!

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