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Sanyo PLC-XD2200 LCD Multimedia Projector Review

A detailed review of the Sanyo PLC-XD2200 projector.

Sanyo PLC-XD2200 DLP Projector Overview

The Sanyo PLC-XD2200 projector is a portable XGA (1024 X 768) LCD multimedia projector that provides excellent color at one of the lowest prices in its class.  It’s basically a no-frills projector, with no digital input, no PC-free or network presentation ability and only a one-watt built-in speaker.  However, if price, portability and excellent color rendition in any image mode are your primary criteria for purchase, then the PLC-XD2200 would be a great choice.

For quick setup, the Sanyo PLC-XD2200 provides an “Auto Setup Function”.  This automatically does keystone correction of an input signal by detecting the incline of the projector.  It is also power efficient in standby mode, drawing only 0.4 watts compared to the 2-3 watts drawn by some projectors.  Another nice feature is the claimed 6000-hour lamp life in Eco mode.  As a new lamp is about a third of the projector’s cost, it’s good to know that if you’re able to operate mainly in Eco mode (which is just over 1000 lumens), you can get a lot of projection time out of a lamp.

As you might expect from a projector the size and weight of the PLC-XD2200, it is extremely portable.  Unlike some of the competition, it does not come with a travel bag, but it could easily fit into a soft-side briefcase.

Sanyo PLC-XD2200 Projector Highlights

  • Lightweight – 5.7 lbs.
  • Good Brightness – 2200 lumens
  • Wired network monitoring and control
  • Long lamp life (6000 hours in Eco mode)
  • Three lamp brightness levels
  • Auto Setup for keystone adjustment based on projector incline
  • Closed captioning