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Sanyo PLC-XD2200 DLP Projector - Review Summary

Posted on May 24, 2010 by Art Feierman

Sanyo PLC-XD2200 Projector: Bottom Line

The Sanyo PLC-XD2200 provides a bit of a dilemma for the prospective buyer.  While it has a very good image for its price, there are a number of unknowns that could steer some buyers away.  While it has an excellent rated lamp life in Eco mode, it is unlikely to be used in that mode and there’s no rating for the highest lamp mode, which still doesn’t approach its rated output.  It’s also quite noisy in that High lamp mode and its puny one-watt speaker struggles to overcome that noise.  Its scaling/resizing of higher resolutions is solid, but still gives away a bit of sharpness compared to the competition.  Setup is quite simple and there are plenty of adjustments available in the menu to the user, but the lack of rear height adjustment feet requires a fairly level surface to avoid the use of excessive keystone adjustment.  Lamp replacement should be easy with any mounting, but at least one of the two filters that have to be cleaned regularly is not easily accessible if ceiling mounted.

The Sanyo PLC-XD2200 would provide a lot of value to the buyer who’s in the market for a low-priced projector to be used a light-controlled environment in Eco lamp mode.  In such an environment, the PLC-XD2200 will display an excellent image with low noise and excellent lamp life.  Its warranty service program will also provide piece-of-mind to such a buyer.  Such a buyer could do a lot worse than purchasing the Sanyo PLC-XD2200.

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