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Sanyo PLV-Z3000 - Warranty

Posted on December 7, 2008 by Art Feierman

Sanyo provides one of the longest warranties available on 1080p projectors that sell for under $5000, and for that matter, than most under $10,000 projectors.

The PLV-Z3000 comes with a three year parts and labor warranty. In addition Sanyo promotes their fast turn-around program on warranty repairs. Their program calls for Sanyo taking no more than three business days as their facility to repair (or replace, if necessary), before shipping it back. Over the years of selling Sanyo, my experience has been that they mostly turn around the projector in less than the three days. It's not as fast as a replacement program, but you are getting your projector back.

Most 1080p projectors come with a two year parts and labor warranty, several, including the best selling Panasonic PT-AE3000 come only with a one year warranty standard. Some of the Optoma projectors and the lower cost 1080p BenQ projector - the W5000 are other examples of one year warranties.

Two year warranties are provided on many Optoma projectors, all of the Epson Home Cinema series projectors, Mitsubishi home theater projectors, as well as those from Planar, and several of the higher end brands.

When it comes to projectors with three year warranties, Sanyo's other 1080p projector comes with the same warranty. Epson provides three years on their Pro Cinema series projectors, BenQ has three on their higher end W20000, and Optoma offers three on their higher end HD81 and HD81-LV models.

Some of the projectors mentioned have overnight replacement programs. Epson provides the replacement service for their full warranty length - two and three years respectively for the Home and Pro Cinema lines. BenQ offers a first year replacement on the W20000.

One downside: Sanyo repairs all warranty projectors, in that they do not replace, but instead repair initially defective units. If you are concerned about that, check with your Sanyo dealer and see how they will handle a "DOA" or defective projector for you.

Bottom line: Sanyo's warranty is longer than any other 1080p projector at its price or lower (except for Sanyo's other model). The fast turn-around is an added plus that home theater projector owners will appreciate.

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