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Sanyo PLV-Z3000 - Projector Screens

Posted on December 7, 2008 by Art Feierman

Sanyo PLV-Z3000 Projector Screen Recommendations

Brightness and black level performance are the two key factors affecting screen choices. I would prefer to recommend a high contrast light gray type screen to improve black levels slightly. That is probably the way to go, assuming you are not using a screen large enough to make the projector too dim for the Pure Cinema mode's slightly below average brightness. Let's say that, in general, a high contrast gray screen would be ideal for screen sizes below 100 inch diagonal. For 100 inch or maybe 106 inch diagonal screens, better to stick with a white surface with some gain, such as most manufacturers offer, including the Carada Brilliant White surface (gain of 1.4) the Stewart Studiotek 130 (gain 1.3), and similar screens from other major manufacturers.

Of course, if you are stuck with some side ambient light, the High Contrast gray screens are the way to go, but keep in mind the screen size limitations.

If you are not as critical about ultimate image quality, you can run the PLV-Z3000 in Brilliant Color mode, and now you have a projector with solid average brightness, in that movie mode.

You can, of couse go with higher gain screens, but remember they reduce the viewing cone - best seating - in terms of where you can sit (from left to right) before the higher gain really starts impacting the evenness of illumination. I wouldn't recommend going above 110" diagaonal without a very high gain screen, but the Sanyo, for best mode movie watching is happy at 100 inch diagonal, and will struggle above that in Pure Cinema mode. Using the almost as good Creative Cinema mode, 110 inch diagonal, becomes reasonable.

Some people, however, may choose to rely on the not quite as good Brilliant Cinema mode for movie viewing, as it's about 50% brighter, which allows you more choice in screen options.

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