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Sanyo PLV-Z5 Image modes

Sanyo PLV-Z5 Image modes

There are plenty! As mentioned earlier, there is the Pure Cinema, Creative Cinema, and Brilliant Cinema modes, for movies. In addition, the PLV-Z5 has Natural, which might be described as more suited for TV/HDTV; Living (room), which is brighter, and suitable for most HDTV/Sports/General viewing. Also, two extremely bright modes – Dynamic, and Vivid. Dynamic measures higher, but Vivid offers more saturated colors.

What we have next are a few images (no enlargements) showing the same frame in different modes. The image is a HDTV captured frame from Jay Leno, viewed with minimal ambient light in the room. The exposure for all images is the same in order to show relative brightness. So, as you would expect, Pure Cinema is the dimmest, and Dynamic and Vivid are the two brightest. As you can see, color saturation and accuracy in most modes, needs a bit of tweaking. Although since this is a brightness comparison and not about color accuracy, the fact that most of these are either under or overexposed images, doesn’t help one bit. To specifically touch on color saturation, with most projectors, their brightest modes are inherently oversaturated, so that there is still good saturation after lots of ambient light is mixed in. Bottom line, don’t use these, unadjusted, uncalibrated, untweaked images as a guide to color issues. The images are presented in the same order as on the menu, and the mode is directly above each image.

Sanyo PLV-Z5 Image modes slideshow

Ok, that should give you a good idea of relative brightness, and also some clues as to what the emphasis (relative to saturation, whites, etc.) the various modes offer.

Here are a few images from HDTV: the first two with modest ambient light in the room, from lights and leaking in from the shaded windows.

And here are last three images shot with very low ambient light (movie watching levels), from DiscoveryHD, shot in Vivid mode (default settings).

Well, I’ve about run out of images, so let’s change the subject and look at the General Performance section.