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Sanyo PLV-Z60 Performance: HDTV and Sports

Posted on October 18, 2013 by Art Feierman

In its brightest modes, the Sanyo PLV-60 projector, provides a clear, crisp image when watching HDTV and especially sports on HDTV. On the downside, however, the Z60 still suffers from being below average in brightness for a 720p projector. In this regard it is similar to the older PLV-Z5, and the excellent little Optoma HD65.

Since most people don't want to watch TV, and in particular, sports, in a "cave", with the room fully darkened, brightness will be a big deciding point for those who are not looking for a projector just for movies. If you are running a smaller screen - say 100" diagonal or less, or have very good lighting control so you can get the background ambient lighting to an acceptable level without much of the lighting hitting the screen, then, the Sanyo's 1190 measured lumens in it's brightest mode should definitely be adequate. Consider though, three competing projectors - the Optoma HD71, the Panasonic PT-AX200 and the Epson Home Cinema 720 (being replaced by an even brighter Home Cinema 700 in December), all have at least 50% more lumens in their respective brightest modes.

Overall Image Quality

The Sanyo PLV-Z60 projector is solid, all around, in terms of image quality. It combines a sharp image, with good black levels and shadow detail. While out of the box performance is very good for Pure Cinema mode - its best (and least bright), and brightest modes definitely need some attention. Using an end user calibration disc like the DVE-HD disc on Blu-ray, or the Avia disc (standard DVD), should give you very good color accuracy in the major preset modes. In most cases, even a novice can use these discs and calibrate one of the preset modes in less than an hour. Do it.

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