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Sharp XG-P560W 3-chip DLP Projector - Performance

Posted on October 4, 2013 by Art Feierman

While I was impressed with the color rendition and image quality of the Sharp XG-P560W, most customers looking at this projector for a large-scale venue will be concerned about its brightness. Let’s take a look at that and some of its other performance features.


The XG-P560W is rated at 5200 lumens.  This rating, while quite high, is a bit disappointing since the XG-P560W needs both lamps to achieve it.  There are other projectors on the market that achieve similar output with a single lamp.  Of course, the dual lamp design does provide excellent uniformity so the lumen readings are very consistent anywhere on the screen.  Unlike many projectors, the XG-P560W measured the same output in every mode except Movie.  In Standard, Presentation or Custom modes, I measured 4942 lumens at mid-zoom.  This was virtually unaffected by zooming in or out, so you could expect this output no matter what the installation.  While not reaching its 5200 lumen rating, it was still much closer to its rated output than many competitors achieve.  It is unlikely that the XG-P560W would have any problem displaying a bright image in any size venue.

Using Movie mode, the output dropped from 4942 to 4441 lumens.  This is only a about a 10% drop which is much less than found on most projectors.   This allows the user to get slightly better black levels during video presentations without the usual sacrifice of brightness.

Turning off one of the lamps has the expected effect of cutting the output in half.  I measured 2471 lumens with Lamp 1 and 2503 lumens with Lamp 2, a typical variation from one lamp to another.

Dropping the XG-P560W into Eco mode with both lamps on resulted in a 20% drop in lumen output, from 4942 to 3957 for both lamps and from 2503 to 2051 for one lamp.  This is a typical drop for an Eco or Low lamp mode and should be sufficient for boardrooms or any venue with some ambient light control.

Wired Networking

By connecting the XG-P560W to a network via its LAN port, the XG-P560W can be controlled and monitored by up to three PCs.  There are a number of features and control options via the network, including most of the functions found on the remote, like picture mode, color temp, CMS functions, lamp mode, audio control and many others.  There is monitoring (including email notification) of the lamps, temperature, fan and power status.  Also via the network and through settings in the projector menu, you can stack two XG-P560Ws and control them separately via their own IP addresses, as well as designate one as the Master and the other as Slave.  Unfortunately, there does not seems to be a way to project via the network connection, so you’ll still need a feed from the computer to one of the video inputs.

Audible Noise

The Sharp XG-P560WNL has a typical amount of noise for a projector of this type in high brightness mode (37 dB).  While that’s not particularly quiet, it’s not likely to be an issue in the type of venue where you’d likely use the XG-P560W.  However, based on the large size of the XG-P560W, I was expecting better heat dissipation with lower fan noise, even with the heat produced by two lamps.

In Eco brightness mode, the noise level only drops to 34dB, which is not enough of a drop to justify using Eco mode to reduce noise.  Overall, it’s unlikely that anyone interested in the XG-P560W would be using it in an installation where its noise level would be a consideration.

Sharp XG-P560W 3-chip DLP Projector - Warranty

The XG-P560W has a three year parts and labor warranty on the projector and a 90-day warranty on the lamp.  While that, right there is a very decent warranty, Sharp also includes what they call their Express Repair/Replacement service for the full three year period.  Now that makes it an excellent warranty!

If you have any problems or if the projector fails, a toll-free phone call to Sharp will connect you with a product specialist who will diagnose the problem over the phone and either provide advice to solve the problem or arrange (if warranted) for either a 24-hour repair or replacement.  Sharp will pay for Next Day shipping both to and from them and once they receive the defective projector, they will either repair or replace it with another within 24 hours of receipt.  If a replacement is necessary, it will be covered for the remaining warranty period of the original projector.  For a bit of perspective, the best replacement programs will actually ship out the replacement before the broken projector is returned. Still, this is about the next best way to handle it. While not as comprehensive as some competitors’ plans, this is truly a very good warranty.

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