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Sharp XG-P560W 3-chip DLP Projector – Review Summary

Sharp XG-P560W Projector: Bottom Line

The XG-P560W provides a solid combination of high brightness, excellent color accuracy and a plethora of video connection options.  While our test sample suffered from some misconvergence, I expect that it is an issue that could be remedied via a Sharp repair center.  When fed a signal no higher than its native resolution with any input, it provides a very sharp and colorful display.  Its compression technology for higher definition sources via its digital inputs is not the most refined, but that’s not likely to be an issue with XG-P560W’s intended market.

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The large size and weight of the XG-P560W, despite its convenient carrying handle, does not lend itself to easily transporting the projector.  It would be best in a permanent installation where its solid construction and easily accessible lamp and filter do not require unmounting.  While the XG-P560W provides a fine picture, there are other projectors (like the recently reviewed Epson G5350) that provide almost the same brightness and color accuracy.  The Epson also comes in at a much lower price and one quarter of the weight.  However, if you need a projector in an installation where you could make use of one lamp at a time and are looking for something that’s built like a tank, the Sharp XG-P560W will fit the bill.

What makes the XG-P560W superior, and who needs it?

That’s the burning question, considering the relatively high price of the XG-P560W when compared to, say, competing LCD projectors.

Here’s the real bottom line. The XG-P560W is a commercial grade projector which is designed to meet the requirements of superior color, and image performance, including black levels. While it can be argued that any number of LCD commercial projectors can also do really good color, none have the high contrast ratio, and that makes this Sharp projector superior when you need the best possible picture for videos, photos, renderings, and so on.

Further, the XG-P560W is a dual lamp projector, which means minimum downtime. The XG560W will not only be at home in an auditorium environment, but also in high end digital signage applications where image quality is key. It would make an excellent projector in a large nightclub, and would also be an excellent projector to use in multiples in a sports book in Las Vegas, to show sports. This projector would also be right at home in a museum enviroment, or for permanent, quality visual displays (including digital signage) in a wide variety of venues. The full range of lenses gives the Sharp projector the flexibility to work in almost any environment, front or rear projection. Again, the key advantage of a commercial 3 chip DLP projector like this Sharp XG-P560W is the overall picture quality. If you need the best, because of the type of content you want to show, and because you want the best possible image in front of the viewer, then this Sharp projector looks to be an excellent choice.

Sharp XG-P560W Projector: Pros

  • Respectable brightness, close to 5000 lumens, for large venue applications
  • Multiple lens capability allows for installation over a wide range of distances from screen
  • Excellent color accuracy
  • Dual lamp operation, for maximum up-time
  • Sharp and artifact-free image with native resolution or lower
  • Decent audio over built-in speakers, with volume controlled by the remote
  • Networking control abilities including email notification for maintenance and mechanical problems
  • Very good warranty and support via its Emergency Repair/Replacement program
  • If mounted, both lamp and filter can be changed without unmounting the projector

Sharp XG-P560W Projector: Cons

  • Has dust filter that must be maintained
  • No user adjustments for convergence
  • Has difficulty displaying resolutions higher than the native resolution over DVI or HDMI
  • Large size and heavy weight
  • Slow warm up
  • No presentation ability via network connection