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Sharp XV-Z20000 projector, General Image Quality

Posted on October 18, 2013 by Art Feierman

Below are thumbnail images of the full DTS screen (from my DTS Blu-Ray demo disk). Click on them for closeups of about 20% of the screen area. For your consideration, click on the second thumbnail for similar image from the Sony Pearl, and the third, for the JVC RS1. You can definitely see that the Sharp, is, - well, sharper. Remember you are looking at a closeup of about 15% to 20% of the area of the whole screen. The question is can you see the difference under normal viewing distances. The answer is - yes, in a side by side, you could, but it is unlikely that you could tell them apart in terms of sharpness, if you viewed one, and then another 10 minutes later. Still, while every last ounce of sharpnesss is a good thing, it is most unlikely that the difference in sharpness will be a critical factor in most decisions - even for folks who like to sit as close as I do.

Sony Pearl

That wraps up our image quality section. The Sharp XV-Z20000 scores extremely well in every category. The XV-Z20000 may be the most expensive of the 10 1080p projectors we've considered so far. That said, it certainly can command a higher price (based on overall image quality), than any of the other projectors, with the possible exception of the JVC DLA-RS1. (Look for a direct comparison review of the Sharp vs. the JVC to appear a week or two after this has been published.)

Time to move on to General Performance, where we will consider many topics, including the Sharp's menus and the remote control, projector screen recommendations, measurements of brightness and color, and audible noise levels. Onward!

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