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Sharp XV-Z30000 Projector - Image Quality 4

Posted on July 26, 2013 by Art Feierman

Sharp XV-Z30000 Projector: Performance, HDTV and Sports

The Sharp XV-Z30000 looks especially good and sharp, on all digital content, such as HDTV sports. Part of that is due to being a single chip DLP device, and therefore no convergence issues.

Mode used for all the sports photos here was Stage, which on the screen looked a lot better than the photos that resulted.  These seem a bit to orange.

I've got well over 30 hours of HDTV viewing in.  This projector served me very well at just below 100" diagonal for a lot of pre-season football, and a wide assortment of Olympics. I really didn't miss having CFI - creative frame interpolation.

The image was always nice and crisp looking on both sports and most of the digital content I viewed.  Plenty of pics for your consideration here.

Let's start with room conditions.  Football images were taken with the size and one of the rear shutters partially open, except for this room photo and the one that follows it, where the side shutters are wide open.  You an see here, the impact of the window.  All the other HDTV images were taken with the shutters mostly closed, leaking very little light by comparison.  The second image is simply a closeup of this room shot.  Keep in mind, if I couldn't fully control that shutter's light, I'd be using a different screen with good side light rejection like a Stewart Firehawk or Screen Innovations Black Diamond, both of which would do a dramatically better job in this case.

Sharp XV-Z30000 Projector: Bottom Line on HDTV and Sports

With the nice crisp image and an overall dynamic look in its brightest mode, brightness is probably the biggest issue.  That's because it's- pretty much average brightness, doesn't leave you much room for any moderate ambient light.

This again is justification that the XV-Z30000 projector is likely going to work out best for people with adapted, darker surfaced rooms, rather than family rooms.

I found that to be exactly the case.  This projector never would have survived sports with the fair amount of ambient light I prefer, in my old house on the 128" diagonal Firehawk.  On the other hand, sports are no problem in my new dedicated theater, only becoming an issue if I choose to really open up that window on the right, full bore, and add to that some of the back shutters open. The roughly 1100 measured lumens did fine with my back of the room seven down facing LED recessed lights, with the image taking only a slight hit.

With anything resembling low ambient to no ambient light, the projector really pops, in the DLP tradition.

For the Victoria Secret images in this review, we changed to Movie 1 mode.  The women deserve the best skin tone reproduction.

I repeat again, for the record: All home theater projectors, including the Sharp XV-Z30000 definitely look will look better live, than in even the best looking images here might suggest.

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