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SONY VPL-PHZ50 WUXGA 3LCD Projector Review - Notable Features

Posted on February 22, 2022 by Philip Boyle


Brightens images while maintaining good color

The VPL-PHZ50 laser projector includes Sony's exclusive signal processing technology, Bright View. This unique technology brightens images without sacrificing color in high ambient light environments. Sony Bright View processing technology ensures a more consistent color even as the projector's brightness automatically adjusts up or down in response to changes in the room's lighting. Bright View creates bright and sharp images while maintaining color balance (High, Middle, Low). The image can be bright without color loss even in well-lit environments, thanks to Bright View. It is ideal for applications like classrooms or museum installations where it's not feasible or safe to dim the lights completely.


When it comes to increased installation flexibility, we have to talk about the form factor. The VPL-PHZ50 is a small, light 3LCD projector for its class and is exceptionally bright. The form factor also works well for installation.

The VPL-PHZ50 features a slim, stylish body with a flat-top surface. This minimalist design not only looks good but offers the practical value of allowing the projector to fit unobtrusively into almost any installation space when the projector is ceiling-mounted. You want to wow your audience with your presentation or visuals, not distract them with a black box.


If you're client is installing this projector in either a classroom, a museum, a meeting room or a multi-screen setup Intelligent Setting version 2 provides the installer the ability to go into the menu and select from a range of preset environments and the projector will automatically adjust the laser diodes, the LCD panels and the firmware to optimize the color reproduction for that environment.

Intelligent Setting version 2 also monitors the usage of the projector and as needed over time adjust the laser diodes accordingly to maintain color quality. Because this setting monitors usage so closley Sony believes that this projector will last up to seven years without reduction of brightness. According to Sony this is a game changer.

The VPL-PHZ50 Intelligent Setting version 2 maximizes the projectors performance in any space and optimizes brightness, the cooling system, and other projector settings to suit the environment where the projector is being used. These adjustments are based on projector usage, image detail, color richness and fidelity, light output, cooling level, and output noise.

Optimum settings for any application

Use the Menu to set Intelligent Settings to ON and then choose a location that matches the environment where the projector is being used. For example, the Meeting/Classroom setting controls the laser output to maximize brightness levels based on actual usage times and operation frequency.

Location Options:

  • Meeting/Classroom – Optimizes the text and graphic quality to display them clearly.
  • Museum – Optimizes the color quality so that colors are reproduced accurately. This option is suitable for use in quiet places such as galleries and museums.
  • Entertainment – Optimizes image quality. This option is suitable for use at theme parks, public entertainment facilities, conference rooms, exhibition halls, and so on.

The Intelligent Setting presets also help the projector produce a brighter image for a more extended time while still delivering exceptional picture quality in nearly any environment.


Auto Pixel Alignment is designed to feed a computer signal from the RGB input terminal (Input A). Pressing the APA (Auto Pixel Alignment) key on the Remote Commander allows the projected screen phase, pitch, and shift to adjust automatically.

Pressing the APA key again during adjustment will cancel the adjustment.


The VPL-PHZ50 includes Sony's newly updated Reality Creation algorithm to deliver the maximum amount of on-screen detail. Over a decade ago, Sony introduced their Reality Creation technology that analyzes displayed images and compares them against Sony's unique pattern database to optimize upscaled images while minimizing noise that is sometimes introduced into the image. Reality Creation video processing uses pixel remapping to ensure that video, diagrams, and text always look crisp and sharp.

I've been working with Sony display technology since the introduction of Reality Creation, and I can tell you it does work.

Improves image detail

There is also a new feature called Reality Text which improves the visibility of characters and is ideal for presenting in conference rooms and classrooms. Users can adjust both Reality Creation and Reality Text via the menu.

Makes text easier to read

When you turn the settings for Reality Creation up or down, you will see the texture and detail of the image become sharper. Likewise, when you increase the value of the Reality Text setting, thin letters and lines are emphasized, and the visibility of the image is improved. 


The VPL-PHZ50 can be controlled from a remote network using its built-in RS-232 serial port or wired 100Base-T Ethernet connector. Once connected to the network, you can get a summary of its settings through the projector's web page, make changes to On/Off status, and adjust keystone correction settings and menu options. The VPL-PHZ50 supports major industry players' feature sets and other standards, including PJLink, AMX control and Crestron RoomView software, and more.


Finally, you may have 4K flat-panel TVs on the wall in some boardrooms and an HD projector installed in the ceiling. In some cases, the video source will "dumb down" the resolution to match the resolution of the lowest input source, meaning every display is running at a lower resolution if some displays are capable of higher resolution. Solving this issue can often require a costly external scaling solution. This is not the case with the VPL-PHZ50. Although Sony Pro projectors with this feature are WUXGA (1920 x 1200), they offer a 4K 30p input to simplify integration with 4K flat-panel TVs. Just split the 4K signal to drive all your displays for supreme ease of operation, with no scaling or conversion needed.

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