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Sony VPL-VW1000ES Special Features 3

Posted on July 26, 2013 by Art Feierman

2D to Simulated 3D on the VPL-VW1000ES

Even with the VW1000ES I remain uninspired with 2D to 3D conversion. Just not good enough to be worth the glasses and the drop in brightness. If you buy this or any projector with 3D, try it, make your own decision.  It's nice to have the choice.

Editor's note: Remember, beyond a point, it's personal taste. I rarely would watch a movie with CFI on, yet many folks don't mind at all. Perhaps it's the secret "purist" in me. Now that I think about it, it's probably that same "purist" that makes me such a big fan of well done 3D content. After all, other than movies, TV, books and computer displays, the rest of the world is in 3D. Go outside, and see for yourself! -art

Sony VPL-VW1000ES Gamma Modes

Sony again offers 10 different preset gamma modes. In addition to the variety labeled the usual 1.8, 2.2, 2.4... there are four Custom gammas. Mike reports that the closest to the "ideal" 2.2 gamma is actually the 2.4 which measures in at 2.29 just a tad dark in the mid-ranges.  Alternately 2.2 setting is a touch light. Mike prefers the 2.4.  I say, check it out, whichever works for you is just fine.  2.4 will give you that touch more pop, while 2.2 will just seem a tad brighter due to the mid-range.

CFI - Sony MotionFlow

Sony does a very nice job with their creative frame interpolation. The low setting is pretty free of the soap opera - "live digital video" affect on film movies, but there is still enough that shows on some scenes that purists will skip CFI on movies, and save for sports, and some other existing digital content. A very good CFI regardless of price.

Lens Memory Functions

Thanks to lens memory - with five settings, and auto setup option, you can choose to have a wide screen screen, without having an anamorphic lens.  I have a 2.35:1 screen, and set up the projector to support filling it, as well as doing HDTV.  I also have a 100" screen behind my motorized screen, which is exactly a 100" 16:9 screen, so I also had a setup for that one. It works, even if the auto feature didn't always get it right.

Individual SXRD panel adjustment

Once again, Sony provides exceptional pixel/panel alignment capabilities.  Adjustments can be done automatically, or manually (over 100 zones, I believe), in increments of about 1/10th of a pixel.  Now remember, this is a 4K projector, so that's a lot finer than 1/10th on a 2K projector.  I used the auto feature and find that the projector's alignment remains excellent in all parts of the screen.  Not perfect, nor would we expect that, but overall, nice and tight with minimal color fringing.

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