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Sony VPL-VW50 Pearl Home Theater Projector Review: Image Quality-7

Posted on February 27, 2007 by Art Feierman

That's about as good as it gets. Now here are a pair of images from standard DVD - Lord of the Rings. Look to the shed on the right, and along the bottom of the image:


Sony VW-50 LOTR watchfireLarge
Sony VW-50 LOTR watchfireoverLarge

When it comes to high contrast, eye-popping images, and "rich" blacks, there's nothing quite like space scenes, so here are a few that demonstrate the Sony's impressive abilities. The first two are from Space Cowboys (HD-DVD), followed by one (a starship) from The Fifth Element (standard DVD).

But shadow detail and great black levels are more than counting computer generated stars in a frame. Consider these assorted images including many medium and dark scenes from both DVD and HD-DVD sources. The first is from the black and white start of Phantom. You'll note plenty of shadow detail in his coat. By comparision, below it, the same frame from the Optoma HD81, which although a slight bit brighter image, looses much of the detail in his coat.

Next is one of my favorite images - from Aeon Flux (HD-DVD). The table shot is very revealing. The dark table surface does show bright and shadow areas, the various fruits and other foods, have rich colors:

Note those shadows and unshadowed parts of the table in the lower area right of center. Shadow detail stands out well compared to the other 1080p home theater projectors. (Visit their reviews, for similar images.

OK, time for two new images - this from Batman Begins (HD-DVD), that I expect will be added to the mix in future reviews - overall, its a dark movie, and these dark scenes looked just great:

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