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Sony VPL-VW60 vs. JVC DLA-RS2-3

Posted on October 24, 2013 by Art Feierman

Overall Picture Quality

Once calibrated, both projectors produce an excellent overall image. The Sony, with more color management, can be a bit more perfect than the JVC in having individual colors being dead on. (such as getting the red correct in the American flag), but both, overall, are capable of excellent color temperature accuracy. Skin tones on both are extremely good after calibration.

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The win has to go to the JVC DLA-RS2, for overall picture quality, as the difference in black level performance gives it an advantage that offsets any minor weaknesses it has, compared to the Sony VPL-VW60.

The JVC's support for Deep Color, also makes it more "future-proof", and once significant content is available with Deep Color, it should further separate the two projectors.

JVC DLA-RS2, and Sony VPL-WV60 Cinemascope and Aspect Ratios

Both projectors support an anamorphic lens (something than neither of their less expensive siblings do without an outboard processor).

Projector Pricing

No comparison here. The JVC is definitely, significantly more expensive. With reports of the Sony VW60 being now available for under $4000, that puts it a good, couple of thousand dollars below the JVC RS2, which lists for $7995, and is typically sold by local dealers who discount very little. Still, there is some online pricing action on the JVC, so that a significant discount can be found, but that still leaves that couple thousand dollar difference.

Projector Value

These two have to be considered close to a tie. However, the goal in this price range is focused more on the performance side, than the pricing side. So, while the Sony gives you a bit less for less money, most people shopping in this (large) price range, I think, will choose the JVC as a better value proposition, IF, they can afford it. If you demand the JVC's level of performance, it currently has no truly close competition, whereas the Sony does face serious competition from the JVC RS1 and RS1x, as well as less expensive projectors like the Epson Home and Pro Cinema 1080 UB projectors.

Art's Two Cents

If you are on a quest for the best picture in an under $10,000 projector, the JVC is your choice. The big price difference, between it, and the Sony, however, will have a significant number of folks happily accepting a "second best" type product. I should note, that I also consider the RS1/RS1x at least the equal to the Sony VW60, those three are close enough to be considered the same class of performance, just a step down from the RS2.

I'm still kicking around the idea of upgrading my RS1 to the RS2. I'd love the extra black level performance, but the RS1 has the extra lumens to comfortably work with my 128" diagonal Firehawk screen, whereas the RS2, though acceptable filling my screen when reviewing it, I think will come up a little underpowered as the lamp dims with a lot of hours on it. (Still thinking about it, though.)

The Sony VPL-VW60, is, however, an excellent projector, with many loyal fans, including hard core enthusiasts and purists. It should satisfy most critical viewers that can't afford the big bucks for the JVC DLA-RS2

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