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Sony VPL-VW70 - Review Summary-2

Posted on December 1, 2008 by Art Feierman

Overall, I have to say that the Sony VPL-VW70 depending on what prices you find, has to be considered either a good value proposition, or a very good one.

If you are looking to get the performance expected when spending upward of $5000, I strongly suggest that the VW70 be placed on your short list. It's an oustanding projector for screens around 100 inch diagonal or smaller.

To sum it up, Sony has built an excellent projector, and a very competitive one.

Sony VPL-VW70 Projector: Pros, Cons, and Typical Capabilities

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Sony VPL-VW70 Projector: Pros

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  • Extremely good color accuracy after calibration
  • Excellent black level performance (one of the very best)
  • Very good shadow detail
  • Extensive color control management (called RCP), for the adjustment of individual colors (we do not go this far, in our calibration)
  • 2 HDMI 1.3 inputs with full support for 24 fps, Deep Color, x.v. color, HDMI CEC (control) etc. (the older VW60 did not support Deep Color...)
  • Doubles 24fps content to 48fps
  • No image noise issues, thanks to very good image processing
  • Good menus
  • Very good (but not great) placement flexibility with 1.6:1 zoom and plenty of lens shift
  • A fairly quiet projector overall, and reasonably quiet even in "brightest" mode
  • Good manual, but definitely could have more in-depth explanations for many functions
  • Great remote control
  • Very good looking projector - physically
  • Good price/performance
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Sony VPL-VW70 Projector: Cons

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  • One of the least bright of the more expensive 1080p projectors when in "best" mode, which limits the size of screen you choose
  • One of the least bright projectors in "brightest" mode (Dynamic in this case), very few lumens available for dealing with more than the minimal ambient light.
  • Lamp door is on the bottom, and while the door is behind the screw holes for a ceiling mount, unmounting the projector MAY be required when using some ceiling mounts, in order to change the lamp
  • Lacks 96/120 fps support - lacks creative frame interpolation. While the relative importance of these new features is undetermined, they will gain in popularity. So far, however few projectors do creative frame interpolation. More can take 24fps to 96 or 120, but the Sony takes 24 to 48 and that's the most important step
  • As with most other projectors, the VW70 has 2 HDMI inputs, and we'd like to see three HDMI inputs standard on projectors.
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Sony VPL-VW70 Projector: Typical Capabilities

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  • Two year warranty (about average for this class of projector)
  • Average lamp life (we assume, Sony does not publish lamp life specs) we assume 2000 hours with lamp of full
  • Supports an Anamorphic lens (all the competition in this price range does)
  • Selection of inputs
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