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Sony VPL-VW85 Projector - Image Quality 6

Posted on January 4, 2010 by Art Feierman

Sony VPL-VW85 images below are from either Blu-ray, or HDTV, with the exception of Lord of the Rings (standard DVD). These images are not overly accurate compared to the image the VPL-VW85 projector projects on the screen. There are color shifts (too much yellow, in this case), saturation differences, etc.

These images are provided to support the commentary. In reality, the projectors always look better than the images in our reviews. From a color standpoint, my dSLR camera still adds a very slight green shift to some photo shoots that I have not been able to completely remove. In other words, while we can demonstrate differences in black levels and shadow details of the VW85, the photos are only approximations of skin tone and color accuracy.

Shadow Detail Performance

Shadow detail performance of the Sony is very good, not exceptional. Seeing the darkest of shadow details is inherently more difficult on a projector with really great blacks, as the near blacks are still very, very dark. Despite this, the Sony does a good job. I can think of several projectors with better dark shadow handling, but not enough to be an issue. I put the VW85 as a bit better than the Epson 8500UB and 9500UB projectors, and about comparable to the RS25. The Panasonic PT-AE4000, the Optoma HD8600, and one or two others can best it.

Below, our overexposed satellite from Space Cowboys. Look in the dark areas. Pretty comparable, despite the Epson, on the right, being slightly brighter, which does wash out the black of space a bit, but helps see near dark detail in the satellite.

Below are groups of images, showing the Sony's performance on shadow detail and black levels compared to many of the other 1080p projectors out there.

The first set of comparison images is from Space Cowboys. This is a very dark scene with Clint Eastwood on Blu-ray disc. The photos are intentionally way overexposed. Look for the blacks in the shades, and the details in those shades in the form of the white trim. (At this level of overexposure, don't even worry about the skin tones, as in these types of overexposed photos they always look terrible).

First image is the VPL-VW85, followed by the JVC DLA-RS25 and the Mitsubishi HC7000. Next is the the Sony HW15. The last two in the sequence are the Panasonic PT-AE4000 and the Epson Home Cinema 8500UB.

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