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Sony Introduces Two New Business Class WUXGA Laser Projectors

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By Nathan Adkins

Sony Electronics has introduced two new WUXGA laser business projectors, the VPL-PHZ60 (6,000 lumens) and the VPL-PHZ50 (5,000 lumens.) The company is aiming to combine image quality with flexibility and reliability. The VPL-PHZ60 and VPL-PHZ50 can be utilized with various screen sizes ranging from 40 inches to 300 inches. Both projectors deliver high brightness to ensure rich, finely detailed images in conference rooms and classrooms, even in bright ambient light.

The two compact units are ideal for a wide range of corporate, education, and entertainment applications. Due to its weight and size, Sony promises the VPL-PHZ60 and VPL-PHZ50 will be the industry’s smallest 3LCD laser projector in its lumen class. With a wide lens shift function and intelligent setting mode, the projectors are optimized for use in small to medium-sized areas. They are also a good choice for things like golf simulation.

The resolution of the VPL-PHZ60 and VPL-PHZ50 is 1,920 x 1,200 pixels, which works well with a wide range of content, presentations, engineering drawings, documents, websites, and would be an excellent match for spreadsheets.

Driven by Sony’s original “Reality Creation” technology, the projectors should offer exceptional image quality, with enhanced clarity and sharp text, without increasing digital picture noise. The Sony projectors’ 3LCD laser light source looks to maintain bright, vivid, and true to life colors and imagery.

“Sony was the first to market with a laser light source 3LCD projector in 2013 and we’ve continued to evolve our lineup and expand our offerings ever since,” said Theresa Alesso, Pro Division President, Sony Electronics. “As we enhance our portfolio, we are setting new standards while meeting market demand. The VPL-PHZ60 and VPL-PHZ50 are thoughtfully designed choices that offer our customers brightness, dependability, and flexibility in a compact form factor. These new models provide users with two more impressive options which empower them to select the projector best suited to their specific needs and budgets.”

Both the VPL-PHZ60 and VPL-PHZ50 are equipped with Sony’s Z-Phosphor laser light source, instead of the standard lamp or LED lighting, for years of maintenance-free operation. Additionally, a new “Bright View” feature delivers clear images with high visibility, even in bright environments, while still maintaining the RGB balance with minimal color shift. To provide a clear, bright image in well-lit environments, the video signal is examined pixel-by-pixel and then dynamically optimized, improving contrast while preserving color reproduction. Support for 4K 30P input signals makes it simpler to incorporate a VPL-PHZ60 or a VPL-PHZ50 into a multi-screen setup because you can split the same 4K signal to drive all the displays, including the projectors, without conversion. The projector’s built-in image scaler to down-convert 4K input signals to Full HD while maintaining picture quality.
The projector’s wide lens shift is best-in-class to overcome installation challenges and help accommodate a wide range of mounting positions. For example, their +55% vertical lens shift range, makes it easy to achieve a perfectly proportioned picture when the projector is ceiling mounted without long pole mounts or keystone correction. The widened throw ratio range should simplify replacing a previously installed projector since it eliminates the hassle of re-positioning an existing ceiling mount. To optimize performance, maximize longevity, and provide reliability, the VPL-PHZ60 and VPL-PHZ50 include several projection modes that users can choose from based on the installation location and intended usage. Another convenient feature is that the installation location presets automatically adjust the image quality, light source, output level, and cooling system, making installation incredibly easy by automatically selecting the best configuration based on the projector’s environment.

The VPL-PHZ60 and VPL-PHZ50 also include a built-in 16-watt speaker, that should be powerful enough to fill a classroom or boardroom with sound.

Sony designed the VPL-PHZ60 and VPL-PHZ50 for maximum adaptability. The compact stature of the projectors helps them to blend into virtually any environment. Both projectors are approximately 16.61 x 5.08 x 13.31 in (422 x 129 x 338 mm) and without the dust filter protrusions, the VPL-PHZ60 and VPL-PHZ50 are approximately 16.61 x 3.94 x 13.11 in and weigh about 15 lbs (6.6 kg).

The VPL-PHZ60 and VPL-PHZ50 are planned to be available in December of 2020 with the price announced at that time.


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