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Spring Projection Showcase 2021

Looking for the best in projection this spring?

Check out our latest series as we sit down with some of the best names in the business and they introduce their latest line-up of projectors, screens, technology, accessories, and more!

We would like to thank our sponsors for this event, AVProEdge and Murideo.

AVPro Edge manufactures cutting edge Audio Video distribution equipment, specializing in 4K with HDR. To check out their full line up, visit their site here:

Murideo is the trusted name in calibration, testing and troubleshooting tools built for the Manufacturer, Calibrator, Pro and Residential Audio/Video Integrator. Learn more here:


In this session, we interview Rob Brennan who introduces Sony's two new 4K SXRD Home Projectors equipped with their "X1 for Projector" video processor. This processor powers a feature called the Dynamic HDR Enhancer that combines frame-by-frame HDR analysis and dynamic tone mapping to deliver a big improvement in HDR reproduction. The VW325ES will replace the VW295ES, and at $5500, it will still be the least expensive native 4K projector on the market. The VW1025 is the replacement for the VW995ES, and it includes Sony's best optics.


In this session, Mia Shen from ViewSonic visits to discuss their latest portable projector, the M2e. We also cover ViewSonic's flagship home theater projector the X100-4K which is the world's first LED-based Home Cinema projector with horizontal and vertical lens shift. Lastly, Mia introduces the PX748-4K, ViewSonic's newest 4000-lumen 4K DLP home projector that has an ultra-low game lag of 4.2ms and supports HD gaming at 240fps.


We talk to Brett Bjorkquist from Kaleidescape about why purchasing a premium source is one of the best investments you can make to upgrade your system's performance. We discuss Kaleidescape's product lineup including the Strato S movie player/server and how the Terra movie server can be combined with multiple Strato C movie players to create the ultimate multi-zone playback solution. We also discuss the newly announced Sony/Kaleidescape promotion where you can get a $3,000 discount off a Kaleidescape if you purchase it along with select Sony Home Theater projectors.


Scott Wellington discusses several Panasonic projectors geared to education and large venue applications like the PT-FRZ60 series which are the world's lightest LCD laser projectors creating up to 6,000 lumens from a 16lbs body, allowing users to easily carry them from room to room. We also take a look at the new PT-RZ16K 3-chip DLP laser projector which delivers its full 16,000 lumens of brightness, even on standard AC 100–120 V power making it a great solution for older venues. Lastly, we talk about the PT-RQ35K 3-chip DLP laser projector which delivers native 4K resolution and its blue/red laser light source can produce an amazing, 30,000lm of brightness.

Elite Screens

Jaime Abrego from Elite Screens discusses their lineup of whiteboard projector screen solutions. Since these products can be utilized as both a whiteboard and projection screen, they are an excellent solution for many education and business applications. The WhiteBoardScreen Thin Edge CLR@ 2 is not only a high-quality ceiling light rejecting screen designed for tabletop short and ultra-short throw projectors, but also a dry-erase writing surface.


Whether you are an installer, calibrator, or just a hardcore enthusiasts, Murideo makes the test tools you need to optimize the performance of your project. Their tools can be used to confirm correct bandwidth, HDCP, resolution, timing, HDR metadata, and many more variables that can cause system hiccups if not treated correctly.

In this session, we are joined by Jason Dustal to discuss some of Murideo's most notable products including the SEVEN Generator which is their flagship HDMI audio/video test unit.


JVC 4K D-ILA projectors utilize premium components to deliver a sharp image, deep blacks, and excellent color reproduction. Patrick Siebert explains how JVC's powerful video processing which includes their proven Frame Adapt HDR along with the new Theater Optimizer smart function, ensures you get the maximum HDR performance from their Native 4K and 8K e-shift home theater projectors: DLA-NX5, DLA-NX7, DLA-NX9, DLA-RS1000, DLA-RS2000, and DLA-RS3000.

AVPro Edge

AVProEdge offers a wide selection of HDMI extenders, matrix switchers, distribution amplifiers, and integration tools. Matt Murray highlights the many ways that these products are utilized in projection installation scenarios.


With great performance, an extensive feature set, and a beautiful design, XGIMI has become the leading projector manufacturer in China. In this session, Andres Gomez covers a few of their notable models, including the award-winning XGIMI Halo portable projector, as well as their newly announced home entertainment-focused models, the Horizon and Horizon Pro.

Sharp NEC

In this session, Richard McPherson and Kevin Christopherson discuss several Sharp NEC projectors geared to education and business applications. Some of the models covered include the P, ME and MC series as well as the NP-PA1004UL, which is part of the PA-series of professional installation class 3LCD laser projectors.

Texas Instruments

DLP Technology is utilized in all types of projectors including professional cinema, home theater, and business/education. In this session, Ward Pitkin from Texas Instruments, explains why DLP technology is such a popular imaging solution. We also discuss the benefit of 4K UHD as well as the differences between native and displayed resolution.

Screen Innovations

In this session, we talk to Sasha Osadchy from Screen Innovations about how to choose the best ambient light rejecting screen for any application, such as the Black Diamond, which is the best ALR screen material offered by SI for use with standard throw projectors.

Thank you to all the manufacturers who took part in our Spring Projection Showcase and thank you again to our sponsors AVPro Edge and Murideo. Join us in the fall for our next projection event!

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