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Summer 2024 Projection Showcase

Posted on July 2, 2024 by Phil Jones
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In our latest projection event, the Summer 2024 Projection Showcase, we once again sit down with the leading brands in projection, screens, accessories, and more to discuss their latest products and technologies. We also explore some of the notable projectors introduced at Infocomm 2024. 

We would like to thank our generous sponsors for this event, AVPro Edge and Murideo.

AVPro Edge is a leading manufacturer of full-bandwidth audio-video distribution equipment. From 18Gbps matrix switchers to 8K ready HDMI extension products, AVPro Edge’s product line-up is diverse. Learn more here:


Murideo is the trusted name in calibration, testing, and troubleshooting tools built for the Manufacturer, Calibrator, Pro, and Residential Audio/Video Integrator. To check out their full lineup, visit their site here:

AVPro Edge

In this video, we speak with Tom Devine from AVPro Global about several of their newest product offerings shown at InfoComm 2024. Whether you are interested in HDBT, Fiber, Video over IP, or USB-C, AVPro Edge offers several long-range audio-video solutions.

In addition, Murideo showcases a wide range of test equipment utilized by installers and enthusiasts to troubleshoot and optimize a video system. 


In this video, Patrick Siebert from JVC covers the new DLA-NZ900/DLA-RS4200 and DLA-NZ800/DLA-RS3200 projectors. We discuss their notable performance features and improvements over previous models.

We dive into the technical aspects of the projectors, including contrast, color gamut, resolution, and HDR performance. The conversation also highlights the benefits of the new models, their pricing, and where to find more information.

Elite Screens

In this video, Jaime Abrego from Elite Screens talks about their latest screen solutions. They discuss the Aeon Starbright CLR16, a ceiling ambient light-rejecting screen designed for standard-throw projectors.

They also discuss the ezCinema Tab-Tension CineGrey 4D, a portable screen with an ambient light-rejecting material. The Tipod Tab-Tension CineGrey 5D is a tripod-mounted pull-up ALR screen that can be easily moved from location to location.

Other topics include the Starling Tab-Tension CineGrade 4D AT, a new acoustically transparent ALR motorized screen. The Golf Sim Portable and Golf Sim Bay are high-quality impact screens designed for golf and sports simulation.


This year at Infocomm 2024, Optoma showcased a couple of notable projectors while demonstrating some unique projector-specific applications.

The ZK810TST 4K UHD 8500 lumen laser projector is the only 4K UHD fixed lens short throw projector with over 7,500 lumens on the market, making it a great option for fixed installations in lecture halls, museums, houses of worship, and large venues.

The ZU2200 is an ultra-bright single-chip DLP projector capable of delivering 22,000 lumens of brightness. The WUXGA projector is compatible with eight interchangeable lenses, so it is designed to meet the needs of even the most complex installations.

AWOL Vision

This video explores some of the unique professional-focused solutions highlighted in the AWOL Vision booth at InfoComm 2024. AWOL Vision Laser TVs are great for business/education settings and other commercial applications like sports bars and museums.

To cater to the commercial market, AWOL Vision has added new features to its popular LTV-3500 Pro projector, the new model called the LTV-3500 Max.  AWOL Vision is also launching a new sound system.

The AWOL Vision True Wireless 5.1.2CH Dolby Atmos Home Theater Sound System delivers high performance in a true “plug and play” easy-to-setup package. The True Wireless Audio system comprises four powered satellite speakers and a powered subwoofer. It can be used with the AWOL Vision projector’s exclusive Auto Center Channel Mode feature, allowing you to use your projector’s sound system as the center channel. 

Epson Business / Panasonic Connect

In this portion of our coverage of InfoComm 2024, we visit Panasonic and Epson booths.

While massive Flatpanel dominated the trade show floor, both companies dedicated a large amount of their booths to highlighting the unique advantages of utilizing projection systems in commercial and professional applications.

Christie, LG, Da-Lite Screens, Hisense, ViewSonic and Digital Projection

This video in a multi-part series explores new and notable projection-related products in the Christie, LG, Da-Lite Screens, Hisense, ViewSonic, and Digital Projection booths at Infocomm 2024 in Las Vegas.

While direct LED displays are growing in popularity, there are still professional applications for which a projection system is a better solution.

Appotronics, Elite Screens, Sony, Screen Innovations, Barco

In part 3 of our coverage of InfoComm 2024, we visit Appotronics Projectors, Eites Screens, Sony Professional, Screen Innovations, and Barco booths.

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